July 17, 2006

Abuelita's Intro

Gee, that intro was so nice, I didn't recognize me!

I have to admit, that when my daughter and son-in-law started the adoption process, I had concerns. Some of which were well founded! But most, thankfully, were not! The people she found to help them, and that she met later as a result of the adoption, have been, on the whole, wonderful, caring friends who seem to also be enduring friends. Not being as domestic as a lot of young women, she was terrified that the social worker who came to visit would think she was not "parent material". Cleaning house, and cooking meals comes down the list from Daniela's well-being, family cohesiveness, and even helping out friends in some kind of distress.
Luckily, the social worker saw what the rest of us knew about them, that they were devoted to one another BEFORE they thought of adopting, and the house, though sometimes cluttered, was clean enough, and they had
concern for the interests of each other--Kelly's husband Dale was extremely supportive of her music, and of her college courses, while getting her graduate degree..

Kelly, on the other hand encouraged him in his pursuits, and often watched or helped when he was building a race-car, or doing a remodeling job. All this to say, they got through the process, with many tears, and some laughter, and I was fortunate to have been included in a couple of trips to Guatemala.

I would not have believed it, but we loved Dani the moment we saw her first picture, which was a day or so after birth. She quickly became a family project. Her "grandaddee", tia, and uncle have supported Dani, Kelly, and Dale from the beginning.

One reason for this opportunity to write MY thoughts about her, is that Kelly and I were talking about the many situations that come up that may or may not be common to biological families as well as adoptive ones.
Adoptive families worry about detachment issues, genetic medical issues that might surface, personality clashes, jealousy of siblings, and on and on. Guess what! Biological families have them too!

So, thanks for reading, and I invite you to comment and suggest topics on which you would like for me to comment.

Love and Prayers,
Tu Abuelita

Posted by Liz at July 17, 2006 09:22 AM