March 11, 2007

Politics and Adoption?

Why should those two things have ANYTHING to do with one another? I have wept over the plight of those too young to understand why they are bounced around like ping pong balls, and nobody seems to care enough to take them home! That is how it must seem to a child who would love to be cuddled, warm and safe with someone to take care of basic needs--too few by sincere missions, but too many of which are not met by government agencies, or world government charitable organizations too busy trying to grow and trying to enlarge their political power to bother with looking after the children they have made pawns in their attempts to control entire countries. I would take issue with the logic of having powerbrokers of poor countries who have robbed and abused their own citizens making the rules for OTHERS to follow--particularly when it comes to intercountry adoptions.

What about the basic morality here? For some reason it seems to be commonly accepted that "selling babies" is wrong. Certainly a business that contracts a woman to have a child purely for a profit is suspect. However, is an organization or entity who tries to find a family for a child who would be doomed to starvation, poverty, or a government institution wrong for finding that family, providing the initial care for the child, and the legal assistance to the family to complete the adoption moral? In a word -- yes. And even if the organization or entity profits from the service!

Perhaps I don't have the right to strong opinions on this, since I have not been through the adoption process, except as a concerned bystander when my daughter and son-in-law adopted my precious grandaughter. And we were all so lucky that she did her research and adopted through reputable people, and because of their expertise, and knowledge of the law, had a smooth and comparatively quick transition. Because of the cuddling factor, and the problems many have with detachment issues, I feel that it is criminal for children who have no future but institutions otherwise, to be denied the speedy placement into a loving family. Not only of parents, but usually of doting grandparents (like us), and the aunts, uncles, and cousins of extended family. It is this that ultimately gives us our identity, and insures a place in the world for us. This has been said better by many, but I must add my voice to those who wail at our leaders, pleading that they try to make things right for the helpless!

Joy should come to everyone, sometime! And those who fear political vulnerability should think of how much worse to fear hunger, and loneliness, and hopelessness.

Your Loving Abuelita

Posted by Liz at March 11, 2007 02:46 AM

Its unclear exactly what "government agencies" and "world government charitable organizations" you are refering to in the first paragraph. However, what is clear, is that in the case of Guatemala, as in the rest of the Global South, multinational coorporations (UFCO comes to mind in the case of Guatemala) are the main organizations which make children (and adults pawns) in their "attempts to control entire countries."

Posted by: ollin1954 at May 6, 2007 08:07 PM