March 08, 2003

Lifebooks, Scrapbooks and Tools for the Scrapbook Challenged

During adoption, many of us learn the importance of lifebooks. Those of us who have not grasped scrapbooking are left at an extreme disadvantage. But there is hope!!! The first step is understanding the difference between a scrapbook and a lifebook. The most basis difference is that the lifebook is a private storybook for the child and a scrapbook is a public display of event photos. Yes, you can find Lifebooks similar to Babybooks that you can purchase online....and this is pretty appealing to those of us that are afraid of letting this task slip through our hands. However, every story is different and the flexibility of Scrapbooking helps define that unique story. A few books on the market encourage hand-made Lifebooks and help adopting parents create them.

I found the following book to be helpful in not only providing a structure, but for giving ideas. Though, I believe is helpful to write it in the wording for a young child to review, I am using the same concepts to create a Lifebook that will be informative to the adult adoptee.

LifeBooks: Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child

So, that still leaves me with funky sissors, colored paper and my digital camera. But I think I found a nice package that will help convert my ideas into a nice Lifebook WITHOUT advertising my scrapbooking shortcomings. The software is only about $20 and you can purchase it from ULEAD called Photo Express - My Scrapbook Edition. This provides a number of ready made templates and some pretty flexible tools, clipart, frames, and techniques for creating a scrapbook. It was much more powerful than I anticipated for a mere $20 and has already bypassed some of my more expensive tools in its ability to help me create a Lifebook. I will warn you that there are some things that are not as intuitive as I think they should be.....but it is a minor hurdle!

OK, here are some other useful tools:
Acid Free, Archival Sheet protectors
Epson Scrapbook Kit

In the end, these tools have put scrapbooking and lifebooking in focus for many of us geeks, slackers, and creatively challenged;-)


Posted by Kelly at March 8, 2003 01:10 PM