August 06, 2003

Name of the Lawyers (Amparos Granted)

Sorry for the delay. Since this was a list of names, I wanted to double check whether to post it.

(Posted with permission from Susana Luarca, Attorney at Law).

Drumroll, please.

In case you wonder who are the lawyers who were granted the amparo,they are the following:

Edgar René Regalado Cardona, Víctor Alfredo Morales Rivas,
Miriam Consuelo Orellana Cardona, Rafael Morales Solares, Julio Roberto
Echeverría Vallejo, Ronaldo David Ortíz Orantes, William Edilzar Rodas
Quiñonez, Víctor Hugo Trejo De León, Rigoberto Tzirin Bal, Raúl Ticun Urias,
José Mauricio Avila Gavarrete, José Alejandro Villamar González, Aníbal
Veliz Molina, Adolfo Dimas Rangel Solis, Francisco Sandoval Cingolani,
Carlos Humberto González Medrano, Gladys Floridalma Alvarado Herrera De
Sempé, Rosa Marina Rivera Cruz, Blanca Eugenia Martínez Luna De Arce, Javier
Oswaldo Villatoro Morales, Jesús Ernesto Ramírez Lara, Gricelda Liliana
López Ruiz, Miguel Angel Mayen Mejía, Carlos Enrique Aguirre Ramos, Vicente
Olayo Guzmán Alvarado, Juan Alfonso Letona Salazar, Oscar Francisco
Cifuentes Mendoza, Víctor Manuel Uribio Alvarez, Aura Leticia Montes
Leonardo De Rosales, Carlos Humberto Aguilar Cabrera, Leonel Machuca Quiroa,
Walter Antonio Raymundo Toledo, Oscar Ademar Robles Rodas, Carmen Janette
González Guzmán, José Alfonso Alfredo Close Sandoval, María Cristina
Menéndez Acevedo, Arnoldo Torres Duarte, Sandra Patricia Leonardo López,
Pedro Gonzalo Cabrera Polanco, Jesús Adalberto Cabrera Urizar, Francisco
Alfredo Trinidad Gómez, Marina Elizabeth Mejía Morales de Rodas, Mardoqueo
Ortega Alvarado, Barbara Alexandra Cofiño Vides, Carlota Torres Ocampo, Olga
Patricia Sosa Montenegro, Gilda Lily Cuevas Cojulun, Leonel Rodrigo
Chavarria Alvarado, Ruth Isabel Estrada de Palacios, Indira González Castro,
Aníbal González Dubon, Carlos Gerardo Obando Guzmán, Sergio Estuardo De León
Morales, Gonzalo Cabrera Ocom, María Elena Letona Rodas, Susana María Luarca
Saracho, Lenin Ivan Loarca Palencia, Alma Beatriz Valle Flores de Mejía,
Rosa María Vides Estrada De Monzón, Ana María Girón Rieckof De Miranda, Olga
Eugenia Ogaldez Solares De Ponce, Raquel Fortuny Arana, Werner Ortíz
Quevedo, Abelardo Retana Godoy, Ramiro De Jesús Guerra Figueroa, Angela
Beatriz Arana González, Jorge Mario Sum Santiago, José María Arana Tobar,
Hector Antonio Dávila Mendoza, Bernardo De Jesús Osorio Ramírez, Otto René
Galvez Abril, Ada María Odilia Molina Ramírez, Fernando Haroldo Santos
Recinos, Rodolfo Evaristo Morales Pérez, María Beatriz Armas Galindo De
Ortega, Juan Carlos Pinillos García, Jorge Armando Carrillo Gudiel, Hector
Manolo Recinos De León, Dina Esther Castro Mejía, Francisco Leonel Castro
Escobar, Flora Aracely Jurado Gordillo, Jorge Arturo Sandoval Valentín,Mayra Rossana Ciraiz Rivera, Dora Amanda Zavala Navas, Aura Marina Zavala de Suárez, José Francisco Monroy Galindo, Carlos Nicolás Palencia Salazar, Jenny Noemy Alvarado Tení, Sandra Isabel Taracena Villatoro, Sandra Roselia Mérida Meoño, René Antonio Rodríguez Tortola, Alfonso Cacacho Ralda, Luis Roberto Aragon Hernández, Andrés Vásquez Taracena, Rafael Mendoza Pellecer, Enrique Pellecer Hernández y Rosa Carlota Silva Mejía

Best regards,
Susana Luarca

Posted by Kelly at August 6, 2003 09:52 AM

What is the breakdown of the appx. 1000 amparos granted according to date of the initial filing (pre-3/5, 3/5-6/30, AND post-6/30)? I am in the post-6/30 group. Also, would it help to change our POA to one of the attorneys on this list? If so, is there any special action or consideration needed?

Thank you for your help,

Posted by: Steve at August 6, 2003 12:02 PM

I am very impressed with the professionalism and quality of this website and the information that is delivered. I am part of the "transition" group and will enter PGN next week if everything goes well. With all that I have heard I expect to be denied immediately and my attorney will have to file an amparo. Sounds like the amparos are being ignored by PGN. Once our attorneys file criminal charges I wonder what will happen?? If they win, what will be the result? Will that bring our children home?


Posted by: Joan Weintraub at August 6, 2003 12:29 PM

Thank you so much for the information. What I was curious about was if these lawyers filed amparos for certain cases, or all of their cases were filed. I am waiting for two children, unrelated, so different lawyers. FOrtunately, both of the lawyers are on this list. If anyone has this information, please let me know. This is the best source for information, thank you for all the contribute to this site.

Hope... Waiting for Jose Luis and Hannah

Posted by: Hope at August 6, 2003 12:43 PM

I'm just wondering if our attorneys would be willing to file Amparos on behalf of those of us who are "paper-ready" and accepted tentative referrals after July 1st?
We're being effected by all of this this, as well, and need to do something to move ahead.

Posted by: Denise Fein at August 6, 2003 01:43 PM


do you believe that cases will be taken from CA and put into PGN and immediately released for approval.

i am # 2 in CA and have been there since 4-21-03.
i just missed the pre 3/5 by a few days

Posted by: susan at August 6, 2003 03:24 PM

Our attorney is not listed on this list? Do we have to have an amparo for PGN to proceed with our case? We have been in PGN 6 weeks. We are post 3/5 to 30/6. How long does it take to get an amapro?

Posted by: Jackie at August 7, 2003 02:11 PM

Does anyone know of an attorney named Jose Luis Patan Piche? He provided our referral and has our POA. Supposedly our case was brought to PGN on March 3rd, but sat on a desk and didn't get registered until March 5th. Our agency sub-contracted with another one, so they don't know him. I have had several people in Guatemala City try to contact him and no one can find a listing other than a message center where calls are not returned. We are going to Guatemala City on Aug. 16th to see our son for his first birthday and see what we can do. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

Posted by: Valerie at August 7, 2003 04:10 PM

How do we find out who our attorney is? From our caseworker at our agency? Please let me know!! I would like to see if her name is on this list. Thanks!!

Posted by: Jamie at August 8, 2003 12:38 AM

Our agency told us that they would not release our attorney's information to us. When we press them for this, and other information about what is happening with our case, we are made to feel as if we were being unreasonable, and have, in fact, been told a couple of times that perhaps we are not cut out for the uncertainties in an international adoption. We are extremely frustrated at their inability to respond to our need for information. Is anyone else having this sort of issue with their agency?

Posted by: Susie Seefelt Lesieutre at August 8, 2003 04:00 AM

Dear Susie Seefelt Lesieutre,
I felt that I needed to respond to your e-mail because you are certaintly not alone in what your are feeling!!!!! My Husband and I just experienced that same frustration and also were told in so many words maybe you are not cut out for these sets of promblems. We have had alot of set backs in our adoption and everday you wait you feel more hepless in this uncertainty.Our litle girl just celebrated her first birthday in her orphanage and I would of never dreamed that she wouldn't be in our arms celebrating that special occassion.If you would like to vent some more I would be willing to give you a shoulder because I know how alone I felt in the same situation!!!!! My e-mail add. Remember your aren't alone!!! Hang in their,Kathi

Posted by: Kathi Nared at August 8, 2003 11:33 AM

Hi--thanks Kathi. Wow, our cases sound very similar. Our little girl, too, is in an orphanage. She was removed from foster care back in May. At the time we were told that a stolen baby claim had authorities rounding up baby girls while the claim was investigated. We have heard no more about this. Now we don't know if this story was true, or if our little girl was simply removed from foster care because of the mess going on in Guatemala as the country makes the transition between old and new adoption policy.

Our little girl, too, just had her first birthday. We were not able to send her anything because our agency does not know exactly where she is. It is an emotional time for us, and the news out of Guatemala continues to be so discouraging.

Thanks again for your note.

Posted by: susie at August 8, 2003 11:51 AM

Has anyone in this audience received notice of a case being processed since the amparo was upheld? I would like to hear from you if so. I have been waiting on my son since December 17.


Posted by: Pam at August 11, 2003 11:13 PM

I know of someone who just received there baby home three weeks ago. They had also been waiting since Dec. He is almost one! In excellent health and is almost walking. So some cases had still been going through.
But, I know of none since the amparo was upheld.

Posted by: Jamie at August 12, 2003 12:36 AM

Our agency also has not given us any information. They keep telling us this is the wait in international adoption. They leave us hanging with no info as to what is going on? I had to find out all my own info on websites!!
My daughter is still in foster care to my knowledge. But now that I'm reading your e-mails I'm not sure where she is. I can't even get a a picture of her. I feel that I'm being lied to constantley!!
They have an addres and phone numbers that you can e-mail or call the PGN , to find out where your case is?? I'm not sure if I should send or not? Has anyone tried this?? We have only waited for 4 months since our referral but, we have been on the roller coaster without a child for 13 years. We are so very frustrated!!!
Thanks for listening.

Posted by: Jamie at August 12, 2003 12:51 AM

I just want to encourage those of you new to the Guatemalan adoption process to be patient...and to pray and trust God. Perhaps this is easy for me to say, since we already have six children (three bio)and are waiting for our seventh...a soon to be 9yr old daughter from the same wonderful orphanage in Guatemala City as our two sons, now ages 9 and 7. This time our paperwork arrived in Guatemala just in time to get mired in this current mess. Our agency and the director of the orphanage try to give us as much info as possible each time, but ultimately, it is a waiting game. And honestly, we would rather their efforts be put into walking the paperwork through the quagmire, than constant emails or phone calls made to try to explain the system and where our paperwork currently stands. Remember, this is another culture we are dealing with. The work ethic is different, the "chain of command" isn't always clear, bribery runs rampant within the adoption process. None of us should ever desire a child so much that we would be willing to get involved in "shady dealings". I believe that if God has plans for a child to join your family, nothing will stop that from happening. It is just a question of when. Our boys' adoptions took approximately 12mo. each from the time our paperwork arrived in Guatemala. It is typical for a legal adoption to take 9mo-1yr. When you see all the steps your dossier has to go through, including translation of legal documents, the assigning of a social worker, family court, this and that, back to family court, etc...then factor in the slower speed at which that culture well as hands held out in between, waiting for a's little wonder it takes so long! I read once that if a baby arrives from Guatemala in less than three months, it is quite likely that bribes were paid or some type of illegal activity has taken place. Should we expect a child to legally join our family with less paperwork or time than it takes to close on a house? To be approved for a loan? For couples who have already waited years to become parents, I realize the wait must be agonizing. But Guatemala is not responsible for that wait...only these last excruciating months! Friends ask us how we can stand it, knowing our child waits there for us. What other choice do we have? We can't march into another country, and as arrogant Americans, demand our way. Would you honestly wish for your child to arrive sooner, if you knew that money was being passed under the table, a birthmother was paid off or threatened, a baby bought or stolen? This is an all too frequent scenario in Guatemala. And though I don't agree with the Hague as a way to eliminate this criminal activity, I can appreciate honest efforts to stop the "buying and selling" of children. The poverty level in Guatemala is staggering and widesprea, the unscrupulous lawyers who buy babies or threaten uneducated mothers is incomprehensible. That a mother would have to choose to "give up" her child because of poverty, or feel threatened and frightened by a lawyer because of her lack of education is not something most of us can comprehend in our culture. Is the wait hard? Of course. But like childbirth, the pain is soon forgotten, as you have the rest of your child's life to make up for lost time. In the meantime, keep a journal, write letters to your future child, plan the nursery, get encouragement from other adoptive parents, enjoy special moments together as a couple to strengthen your marriage, dream and imagine life with your new child, and above all, appreciate each day...tomorrow is not certain for any of us.

Do we wish our sons could have come home sooner, instead of each coming at the age of 4yrs? Yes...but not if it had meant illegal and questionable transactions in the process of them becoming our sons. Because of the honesty and convictions of the orphanage director we work with, we will never have to wonder about the possibilty that our children were taken from their birth families without their consent, or under pressure. I can't tell you how good that feels, when you hear stories of corruption and "black market babies" coming out of Guatemala. This alone is worth the wait! We don't yet know how the changes or near changes will effect our daughter's case. This time around, the tough part is knowing she is older and wants a family very badly. We have spoken to her on the phone and sent her emails and a few gifts. But we must (and do) trust those at the orphanage to love and care for her... until the day we can do those things ourselves. At this point, we have no legal right to her. There is nothing we have done to deserve the right to parent her and be her family. If God brings this all about by seeing her paperwork through the system they call "legal" in Guatemala, we will be truly blessed once again.

I do hope and pray your heart's desire to be parents will be granted as quickly as possible. I encourage you to hang in there. As Americans we are used to being "in control". During this process, we are definitely NOT! I would encourage you to be patient (a normal pregnancy takes 9mo, also). It is a good time to be trusting God to bring about His plans for your life, and the life of a beautiful child, if that is His will for your family. We pray that it is, because we know there are children in need of loving families all over the world!

If you are blessed to one day have someone place a beautiful Guatemalan child in your arms to call "your own", remember that it is truly a blessing...not a right. And someone at the other end of your child's story has suffered a tremendous loss. Praise God that He is entrusting you with another parent's child. It is an awesome privelege and responsibility. May you be truly blessed to have this humbling experience.
thanks for considering these things...I hope they shed some light and encouragement that it is all more than worth the difficult wait!

Posted by: nancy at August 19, 2003 06:45 PM

I was wondering if anyone had any updates on info with the adoptions in guatemala. I have been in the transistion phase since 4/03 and have yet to receive my referral. my agency says things are now back up and running??????

Posted by: julie at September 21, 2003 06:41 AM


Posted by: Otto Coronado. at December 22, 2003 11:19 PM

im search my natural parents?where can i find informations about this?

Posted by: hector andrés at January 18, 2004 05:40 PM

does anyone know anything about the attorney Julio Palencia? I'm in desperate need of help. He and the agency have our money, but no baby. They both won't give us any information.

Posted by: michelle at September 22, 2004 08:20 AM