May 22, 2004

State of Florida Settles With IAR

DCF and the attorney general's office have reached a settlement with IAR and Rebecca Thurmond.

She is immediately and permanently restrained from doing adoptions in Florida. This includes her personally and IAR as a agency.

Miami Herald Story

Sun Sentinel Story

In addition to reimbursing governmental bodies for their costs, there will be financial payments made to some of the families impacted. These payments will be controlled by the Florida Attorney General's Office:

1.) $63,982 is to be disbursed to certain familes who had cases fail, etc.

2.) $50,518 is to be put on reserve for the 26 active cases still
in progress. If a case is not finalized within 12 months, a family
will get some pro-rata share of this money.

It is worth noting that while Ms. Thurmond and IAR will not be able to do adoptions in Florida, this does not mean that they not will merely move on to another state.

As always, prospective adoptive parents should thoroughly research any agency and it's employees/facilitators before accepting a referal or signing any contracts.

Posted by Kevin at May 22, 2004 02:37 PM

Make that 25 still active cases. We are home with our baby :)


Posted by: Tom Sawyer at June 5, 2004 08:33 AM

I really can't understand how someone can get away with smuggling babys into the country through known felons they've hired, one a murderer, another a convicted embezzler on his way to prison. Rebecca Thurmond has never told the truth in her life, not just all the lies she's told prospective parents of adoptees, Florida Officials, but also the many who've known here on a more personal basis.(and believe me, my wife and her daughter paid a very high price for her lies and misdeeds, and to her now, there are some things money buy, aka-abuse) I cannot believe the "MINIMAL HAND SLAPPING SHE RECEIVED!" Where do you think the millions are that she took from so many? Not just in her and husband's multi million dollar home! All I can say is, "Watch Out in Indiana, she may come back and try to do it again!

Posted by: denny bradford at June 6, 2004 11:51 PM

I would just like to say that I originally was signed up with IAR to adopt a child and did a lot of work researching them as an agency. The state had NO negative feedback for this agency and told me that they did not know of any illegal doings. I chose to take a chance and ended up (thank god) only losing my application fee. Without any clear signs, there is no way to know what an agency is up to until its too late. I am thankful that I went with another agency and finally have my daughter home with me now, but I am truly sorry that there are others caught up in IAR's misleadings. I pray that they will bring their children home soon.

Posted by: Linda at June 22, 2004 08:30 AM