April 12, 2007

Waiting Angels Raided

The Michigan Attorney General's office in conjucntion with the Michigan State Police yesterday raided the offices of Waiting Angels. The raid was defined as "Criminal Search Warrants" to me and all I know is that documents and equipment (presumably computers) were seized. We are waiting on more information on this and will post it as we learn more.

Posted by Kevin at April 12, 2007 03:19 PM

Does anyone know what we are suppose to do if we cant get ahold of these people? I cant believe this is happening!

Posted by: anonymous at April 12, 2007 05:53 PM

Don't panic , I spoke to our facilitator in Oct and asked if this were to happen, would it cause a problem with our adoption? he said NOT AT ALL !!!!!
If you are using Waiting Angels and would like to be part of a group to support each other, please feel free to email me at
I've been signed with them for almost 2 years now and we are still not in PGN.
I have a STRONG feeling this is only the beginning .

Posted by: Paula at April 12, 2007 06:51 PM

THis makes sense. The officials want to prevent RAI from destroying records.

Posted by: cheryl at April 12, 2007 07:42 PM

Oh my gosh! I am sick. Please pray for this to all work out. My baby girl is just before PGN.

Posted by: worried Mama at April 12, 2007 08:53 PM

This is really scary. It makes me sick to think that there could be more illegal activity with an agency. I'm almost starting to feel like this is what the DOS seemed to be hinting about with their last FAQ.

Posted by: anonymous at April 12, 2007 09:19 PM

I am wondering the same thing. What is going to happen to our cases?

Posted by: xxxxxxxxx at April 12, 2007 10:30 PM

This is Waiting Angels, not RAI.

Posted by: nvw at April 12, 2007 11:47 PM

We are using this agency and are in PGN now. Will it still go through?

Posted by: Cherie Moore at April 13, 2007 04:46 AM

Please know that my heart goes out to you parents and hopefully this will be resolved and your little ones will be home soon with you.

Posted by: marie at April 13, 2007 06:05 AM

I just wanted all the Waiting Angel clients to know that I talked to Joe and Simone yesterday morning and they assured me that they are working on getting their computers back and they will. It may take a couple of weeks but it will be done. They said they are still keeping contact with the attorneys in Guat by phone and Im sure they will be in contact with everyone as well. As you can imagine they were very emotional and upset yesterday. I am also very nervous about this but I know everything will work out.

Posted by: anonymous at April 13, 2007 08:41 AM

My prayers are with all of you.


Posted by: Lisa at April 13, 2007 08:44 AM

I will preface my comments with an introduction. I'm Rick Spaulding. My wife and I are one of the familes involved in the RAI debacle. Unfortunately, I know exactly how you feel.

The main thing right now is not to worry. Your cases will now have support from government and law enforcement and you now have more protection than you ever had before. You are no longer at the mercy of the people who have been lying to you throughout your process. Believe me, an investigation is a good thing!

You should contact the above email address and share your stories. The cliche about strength in numbers is very important for your cases right now.

From here on in you will start to get real truth about your cases. It may not always be what you want to hear but at least it won't be lies. Like Paula said, this is just the beginning.

Good luck,

Rick (aka adopting papi)

Posted by: adopting papi at April 13, 2007 09:42 AM

I have this agency and so far have not heard from them, via e-mail or phone. Our facilitator also assures us that this will not affect our case, just how we get information. We need to all stick together and support each other. Rick, thanks for the insight! Your calm reassurnace is wonderful!!!

Posted by: Wendy at April 13, 2007 02:37 PM

Apparently Waiting Angels has been under investigation and involved in a class action suit for several months. Check out this link:

(sorry I don't know how to create a live link here) I hope this all works out. It makes me horribly sad for the PAPs working with Waiting Angels, and it even makes me sad that the founder of Waiting Angels is apparently an adoptive mother of three Guatemalan children herself, and why would she do something to hurt PAPs (if the allegations are true)? Illegal activity doesn't only hurt her clients, it hurts the Guatemalan children, and it hurts her own adopted children!! Perhaps some of these agencies got in over the heads, didn't manage their finances well, and then got greedy and/or desperate? I don't know. What would drive agencies (who so easily could have chosen to be ethical!) to criminal or unethical behavior? Well I'm sure there are a lot of answers to that question... but it just makes it harder and harder to know who to trust. Waiting Angels appears to have placed quite a few children. Presumably it has some clients who had good experiences with them. This is just all so sad.


Posted by: Beth Bacheldor at April 13, 2007 03:19 PM

I urge families currently in-process with Waiting Angels to contact the Michigan Attorney General's office at for assistance.

Posted by: anon at April 13, 2007 05:22 PM

I don't think this is looking that good for Waiting Angels. To the person who posted they spoke to Simone and Joe, I can only guess and say that you are one of them. This agency has been under investigation for awhile, it is about time that they closed down.

Posted by: anonymous at April 13, 2007 08:09 PM

Let me say that the anonymous post does not appear to have come from Joe or Simone. We get more info on the posts than what appears publically.

With that said, I wouldn't take what Joe or Simone might say to mean anything. That is not to say that they are lying, merely that they may not know what the future holds and might believe the best.

Guatadopt has calls and e-mails in to the state police and the attorney general's office to attempt to gain more info on this. Thus far we have gotten no reply. I only hope that the officials realize the importance of communicating with the families and that Guatadopt is a great source to do so.

As stated before, when we learn more we will post it.


Posted by: Kevin at April 13, 2007 09:53 PM

As a former Waiting Angels client, I'm not surprised to hear about this. People like this don't get raided because they are good people that are doing the right thing.
I feel that the good news to the people that are still clients, is that Waiting Angels doesn't really do that much for you. Once you are matched with a child, the attornies want to see the case through. I think that Rick Spaulding is correct when he says that you have the support of the government now.

Posted by: annonymous at April 13, 2007 09:59 PM

As a former Waiting Angels client I must say that I am so glad they are being investigated. We believe that they acted unethically in our case and others and would like to see them held accountable for their actions, inactions and misrepresentations.
Good luck to those currently in process. My heart goes out to you. And thank you to those who have the courage to come forward. We felt much fear and intimidation during our adoption and the decision to come forward can be a very hard one to make.

Posted by: former Waiting Angels client at April 13, 2007 10:22 PM

This concerns me. It seems that we research and reseach and then sign with an agency only to find out that they are being investiageted. I feel for all of the families who and will pray that your cases will not be effected. Since the fall of RAI, will we see more agency come under investagation.

Posted by: Hannah at April 13, 2007 11:14 PM

I am the one that posted that I talked to Joe and Simone.

No, I am not one of them. I am someone that is waiting and praying that my adoption goes through just like everyone. I paniced as well. I called them and wanted to put some of the people at ease by telling them that they are trying to get back to work. Did I say they are innocent? NO. Did I said they are guilty? NO.

A lot of us have no choice but to work with them and thats all we are trying to do. We have not went out and hired attorneys and we are choosing to stay positive and not give up.

Now, I am guessing you are one of the families that are sueing them? So, defensive!
You are quick to say they need to be closed down but have you even thought of the 20 plus families waiting to bring home their babies.

Posted by: anonymous at April 14, 2007 08:25 AM

To the families in process with Waiting Angels - trust me that you need to stick together, not fight with one another.

At thisw point, none of you should really care whether Joe and Simone are guilty or innocent. That is for the courts to decide. Once there are pubic documents, we will post them (assuming they don't have family's names who tell us they wish to remain anonymous) but we'll at least post what they say.
And then we can judge as adult what they are guilty of.

What's important is that you band together to support one another and figure out a stratgey to complete the cases.

Until we know what it is that they are accused of, it is hard to judge how current cases will be impacted.


Posted by: Kevin at April 14, 2007 08:37 AM

I agree with Kevin. My heart goes out to all the families that are with Waiting Angels and waiting for their children to come home. I can only hope that the raid will only help your cases. Keep the faith in knowing that government agencies are aware of the situation with WA and this will only assist you in bringing home your children.

It is unfortunate that with all the research we do, and thinking that we have chosen a "good" agency that this can still happen!

Posted by: M at April 14, 2007 11:00 AM

I am posting because I am looking for help. I am currently a mom in progress with this agency. I need to find a way to establish contact someone who can help us or with our Power of Attorney, Mayra Rossana Ciraiz Rivera, or a facilitator named Adrian that may work with her. I won't comment on what is happening with Waiting Angels because I don't have first hand information. Rather I just need to find a way to ensure that our case continues. Please contact me via private email at
Thanks so much!

Posted by: WA's Mom at April 14, 2007 12:16 PM

To WA families...listen to Kevin. As a RAI family, I can tell you that what he has said is true. Whether or not WA has done anything unethical should not be your main concern at this point. Those chips will fall accordingly. But sticking together and acting as a group for support is crucial. You will probably hear of things in the near future that will shock you. It helps if you have a shoulder to lean on now and then. It is amazing to me how cruel, horrible and insensitive this process can get. Remember that you are all in the same boat and pointing fingers will not help.
Forming a group may be your best ally. We all have fears and concerns. If you ban together, you can share your experiences and then you may be able to see why some of you sound so accusatory or why others don't. You will also be able to see that you are not alone in the process and that many other families are walking along side of you.
I am sorry to hear about the news. I know all too well how it can strike fear in the core of your heart. But the truth will come out. And with it will come a better understanding.
I pray all of you will be able to bring your children home and none of this taints your cases.
Take care of one another.

Posted by: Gayle at April 14, 2007 02:05 PM

My heart and prayers go out to those families who are adopting thru Waiting Angels. This is so very sad.... I do hope that the U.S. side of things & the Guat side are able to support you thru the process, and that you can stand together and help one another thru this difficult time.

It seems that guat adoptions have been fret with so many problems as of late.... so very sad to hear, and read and so very sad for the families and precious children involved.

mom to 5 Guatemalan blessings

Posted by: gloria at April 14, 2007 05:56 PM

If everyone would stop being so afraid of WA stopping there adoption and the families from the past and the families currently adopting would all stick together and not be afraid to come out and tell there horror stories about this agency then we could stop them from doing this to other families. It shouldn't take 2 years or longer to complete an adoption and in WA case most adoptions are taking that long or longer. We need pull together and stop them...........

Posted by: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at April 15, 2007 12:26 PM

To the anonymous poster who questioned whether anyone had thought about the 20 or so families that were waiting to bring their children home, insinuating that those involved in the lawsuit against this agency had not and were acting selfishly..... Shame on you!

Do you think for a moment that anyone involved in the lawsuit WANTED this to happen? What about the more than 20 families that were matched with children so long ago that the pictures were pre the piczo page, and still aren't on US soil? What about all of the families that have been told the same stories/lies and expected to just continue to "be patient"? I'm sorry if you feel that the lawsuit will in any way affect your adoption. I truly don't believe that it will at all, and if it does, it will be a positive affect since now the remainder of the process will be overseen by the government/law enforcement. This agency is merely a "facilitator" and not a licensed agency. Your adoption can easily be completed without their involvement at all since everything needs to be done by your facilitator and attorney in Guatemala, and most that have been approached, have already agreed to complete any adoptions already in the process.

The intent of those involved with the lawsuit and those assisting with the criminal investigation was to make sure that this didn't happen to ANOTHER 20 families. There is never a good time to have something like this happen. Someone is always going to be in the process, but how long could we look at ourselves knowing that we could have stopped it, but chose to just look out for our own best interest?! We all would much rather have had our free time occupied with our babies instead of having to pour over documentation and legal books. Each one of the families ever involved with this agency has their own stories and their own versions of the process, but I have not spoken to one single family that had their child come home as they were promised, that hasn't been told a variety of excuses as to causes for delays, and if we hadn't found each other, we each may have thought that it was just happening to us.

We all need to support each other, and try to be understanding of the other persons position. However, we also need to keep in mind that this is supposed to be a wonderful and exciting procedure, not one filled with heartbreak and lies. Those of us who banded together to try to make a difference, did so with the intention of making things better, not to upset the process for those of you in the middle of it. If there was a better way, or another option, I would LOVE to hear it.

Posted by: Anonymous at April 15, 2007 04:19 PM

I apologize and I did not mean to stir anything up. My only intention was just to put some people at ease. To post that they should just be closed down is very scary as alot of us are not sure what the future holds for us. That is all.

I would like to say thank you to Paula for the suggestion about starting a group that we can come together and help each other. Also, thank you to Rick for the helpful advice and Gloria, I always love reading your posts. You are a wonderful person!!!

Posted by: anonymous at April 15, 2007 07:36 PM

I am in process with Waiting Angels. What is the best way to find a number and/or email address for the attorney/facilitator that is working with my case in Guatemala?
The attorney's name is Maria Del Carmen Mansilla Giron. The facilitator is Evelyn but I don't have a last name for her.

Posted by: Mama at April 15, 2007 08:13 PM

I have Maria Del Carmen Mansilla Giron too The facilitator Evelyns last name is Gonzalez. please email me privatly at I have her cell #

Posted by: ree at April 16, 2007 04:25 AM

To the person trying to contact the Facilitator Named Evelyn, Please leave an email address and I can help you get in contact with her.

Posted by: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at April 16, 2007 03:13 PM

We have been working with Waiting Angels too. It is very upsetting for us to hear that the assumption is that they are guilty. We checked the BBB and also references and both were good. I will join the support group and hope and pray for a good outcome for all of us and our waiting children.
It really doesn't matter the outcome, I want to know how to keep our case moving forward.

Posted by: T at April 16, 2007 03:18 PM

This was just posted on the big list and I thought I would pass it along. It's a posting on about the Waiting Angels agency. The Michigan Attorney General's office is looking for information. You can call 517.373.1110.

here is the link:

Remember, don't worry. With the aid of the Attorney General you will get help with your cases.

Good Luck,


Posted by: adopting papi at April 16, 2007 04:57 PM

Thanks to those helping me with Evelyn the facilitator and Maria Del Carmen Mansilla Giron
My private email is
I am not having a problem but I would like to be prepared if a problem does arise.

Posted by: Mama at April 16, 2007 06:37 PM

I live in Michigan and get both local papers and have seen nothing of this in the paper (or on the local news). I wonder why it has not received any coverage?

Posted by: Sharon at April 16, 2007 06:57 PM

Yes, we also got good references from Waiting Angels but then later found out that at least one of the references was actually Joe and Simone themselves behind an alias name and email.

Posted by: yyy at April 16, 2007 11:23 PM

I researched agencies and got nothing but good reports on WA before I signed up with them two years ago. Yesterday marked the 15 month anniversary of accepting our referral. Fifteen months matched to a child that does not have a valid birth certificate. Fifteen months of waiting, worrying, praying, hoping. No DNA, no PA, no case number. Nothing. I am thankful for the courageous people who filed the lawsuit against WA. They are trying to stop this type of experience from happening to others. I am glad the AG's office is looking into the practices by WA. It won't affect my (non) case, but it might save someone else from the horrific pain we have had to endure.

Posted by: Wendy at April 17, 2007 09:57 AM

Does any one have a contact for waiting Angels besides Joe and Simmone?

My friend is devastated she has this agency and has been waiting over a year and half!

All you guys need is a case# and your attorneys at Guatemala's phone number.

They are the ones who need to be contacted for status.

Waiting Angels is just intimidator making money.

I have another agency and I was updated every month with pictures information’s I always had contact with my attorney in Guatemala.

My Prayers goes out to all those involved.

Posted by: Helping friend at April 17, 2007 10:47 AM

Just wanted to post a note on what I was thru yesterday trying to get to someone in governement to help me. I called the local Macomb Police Dept, The Macomb County Sheriffs Dept, The Macomb Co State Police, The Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney Office, the State of Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys office (who were the rudest people I have ever talked with), and the Attorney Generals Office for the State of Michigan. I also emailed to an email address that was in a previous post for the Attorney Generals Office that someone noted. No one has replied. Do you know what I found out yesterday? Nothing. Not one thing. Not one bit of information and not one person who knew what I was talking about. I ran into a couple people who tried to help...the main one was at the Attorney Generals Office for Consumer Protection. She took my story, took my information but I havent heard back
So where do we find help for the inprocess families? Someone enlighten me because we have got no help. I realize it has been only 6 days ago since WA's had everything taken...but it seems like an eternity!

Posted by: WA's Mom at April 17, 2007 11:55 AM

It is 1:15pm (eastern time) on 4/17/07. I just contacted the State Attorney's office for the state of Michigan. The number that has been previously posted is incorrect. They directed me to (571) 335-0855. The state's office is currently handling the matter against WA. They told me they are basically taking people's name and phone numbers and the Michigan State Police will be contacting each individual regarding their matter. I was also told they are not giving out any information and that my friend would have to seek legal counsel and currently they are not offering any help with individual cases. I was also told to call back in 2-3 weeks for an update. I encourage everyone to contact yourself. We can't sit around and expect them to help us. I got the impression this was not a priority investigation. My friend's paperwork is about to expire. She had no knowledge this was occuring with WA until I found it while searching information regarding my own adoption from Guatemala. I have a question. Did anyone else turn in the original I-171H approval to WA? Please let me know.

One person can make a difference. If we all work together we can try and get our angels to come home.

Posted by: Helping a friend at April 17, 2007 01:29 PM

I had the same experience as Helping a friend with the Michigan AG's office. They are collecting names and numbers but say they do not know how long the investigation will take. Told me not to expect a call back until they complete their investigation. Very disappointing, especially since I told them we are in process with WA. I would think they would help us but they aren't going to. I was only trying to find out how much time until they make a decision about what, if any charges will be filed.
Also, I spoke with my home state's AG office. They advised me to hire a Michigan attorney who could determine our rights (if any) and what the timeframe might be. They also said that these cases are usually handled very carefully because of the money and emotions involved but that it could take months. I've never been so sick over anything as I am about this.

Posted by: T at April 18, 2007 09:38 PM

We also are (were) involved with WA and all of their lies. We signed with them in March of 2005 and didn't find out until December of 2006 that the child that we had been matched with when he was less than two weeks old, was not even truly available for adoption due to a missing signature on the birth mother's ID. We were NEVER given a true medical statement (updates on weight, length and head circumference are NOT medical updates), and yes, like the previous poster were told to turn over our ORIGINAL 171H to Joe and Simone. We had even asked for it to be returned so that we could have it for a pick up trip, should that EVER have happened, and Simone refused to return it.

The previous phone number for the Attorney General's office was close to correct, but the area code was wrong. I encourage EVERYONE to PLEASE call Suzan Sanford from the Michigan Attorney General's office in the Consumer Protection Division at....


This investigation is a cooperative effort between the Attorney General's office and the Michigan State Police criminal investigation department. The Macomb county law enforcement officers do not have any involvement in this.

I also encourage everyone to join together to support each other no matter what stage each of us is in. We have all become members of a sorority that NONE of us ever wanted to join. Some of us will eventually get our children home. Some of us will not. We have been grieving for the past four months, and I don't know if it will ever stop. We too checked with the BBB before we signed and emailed references that we were given, and everything checked out fine. We can't blame ourselves for this!! We are not the ones who did anything wrong!!! We tried to do everything right, jumped through all of the hoops that were laid in front of us, and were, unfortunately, led astray by people who have been deceptive from the start. Don't let fear or self-doubt take over. We need to understand that we were all in this for the right reasons, and help each other conquer over these obstacles laid in front of us by Joe and Simone!

Keep the faith and keep in touch!

Posted by: Anonymous at April 18, 2007 09:52 PM

Is anybody starting a support group for Clients for waiting angels?, I would like to see one started only for Waiting Angels Clients. I myself don't know what is going on. I don't know if they are innocent or guilty, I feel like I am in the dark. I don't know how to start one, but if someone does, I would like to join, maybe we could help each other.

Posted by: worried WA Momma at April 19, 2007 09:59 AM

Has anyone talked to WA in the last couple of days? I spoke with Joe on Monday but now the message just says the office is closed and to leave a name and number.

Posted by: T at April 19, 2007 12:03 PM

It's me again. I have a question for Kevin. Do you think that
a adoption supervisor should be hired for WA clients? If they should be hired, at what point in the process.


Posted by: worried WA Momma at April 19, 2007 12:18 PM

Yes ! we are going to start a group for W.A. families only .
please email me at

Posted by: Paula at April 19, 2007 12:59 PM

We are so glad to see that WA is finally being investigated. My sympathies to all who are in process - our Susseth (who is still listed as matched on their website) has never come home & they dropped our case over a yr ago as our atty skipped town with our $$ & dossier!!! Her birth certificate was never produced & even J & S felt early on that the child was unadoptable & probably fraudulent, since the mom never showed up.....we have agonized over the loss of this child & her where abouts & welfare. She may never find her "forever Family". They offered us our $$ back early on due to the unusual nature of our case & even told us when a specific child came our of PGN they would return it to us. They have lied multiple times, never offered another child, told many officials in Guatemala...that they returned our $$. We believe they have come into contact with scam artists in Guatemala & somewhere greed has taken over as well....

Posted by: cas at April 19, 2007 02:30 PM

To answer a question posted today, yes I spoke to both Simone & Joe yesterday- Wednesday. They are just trying to borrow computers, go to Kinko's, etc. Because they lost everything, Joe requested that I go onto their website and complete the "contact" form again so they can have all of my contact info again. I suggest all WA clients do the same.


Posted by: Carol at April 19, 2007 09:45 PM

Can I ask you at what point did they tell you the baby was unadoptable? This is my biggest fear. We have been waiting months and months for the birthmom to come in and still nothing? I have asked this question to WA and I am just told not to think like that. I really dont know what to do.

Posted by: anonymous at April 19, 2007 09:50 PM

To Cas-So, was your $$ ever returned to you or they just told you they would return it but never did? It wasn't clear to me.

Posted by: yyy at April 19, 2007 10:42 PM

What is everyone doing about there cases? are you calling anyone? Im not sure what I need to do or if my paperwork is even here its supposed to be. I dont have a case number or my attorney number Please advise. thanks

Posted by: Annon. at April 23, 2007 06:43 AM

I just want everyone involved with WA to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I met with Simone several times before handing over the $1000.00 retainer. She seemed so believable and caring. I met her three is just so believable that someone could lead people on in such a cruel way. I would imagine that for most people, like us, adopting is the last chance to become parents. To have someone lie to your face about your child is devestating. I am thankful that I had a friend who passed on some info about Simone early on so we could make a very tough decision about whether to go forward or not. Amazing how when I confronted Simone about some of the horror stories I heard first-hand she told me every single person I spoke to was a liar!! We were fortunate and found another agency and should have our son home shortly. Please, don't bicker or accuse one another. You all are hoping for the privelege and joy of providing your son/daughter with a loving home. Join together to be one another's rock -- you're all going to need support and understanding from people who know what you're going through. May God bless you all.

Posted by: Amy at April 23, 2007 04:44 PM

This is an email respose I recieved from waiting angels as a few of us had gotten together and contacted the agency through email. Asking what was going on. Im just listing it and you guys can take it for what its worth to each of you.Waiting Angels Clients,

Please understand that we are not in any way abandoning our families. At
the current time we are working from a borrowed laptop computer, but we do
expect our records and equipment to be returned to us shortly.

You all have Joe's cell phone number, so feel free to contact him on it if
you have any questions. (734)-323-9836

Please understand that there are always two sides to every story and
nobody seems to want to hear ours. Every adoption is unique in itself.
some run much smoother than others. We have a proven track record of many
successfully completed adoptions, but we are being crucified because of
one of your fellow waiting families refuses to understand that the
problems with their childs case are ones within the Guatemalan legal
system, and are beyond our control and even our attorney's control. The
family constantly forgets to tell everyone that because of the delays, we
offered them another child, and they chose to stick with the current
referral and wait it out.

We can assure you that when all the true facts of this matter come out, we
will be vindicated.

We are extremely sorry that the selfish actions of one family can so
effect the other famiilies. All of your cases will continue to progress in
the various stages of the adoption process and this matter will not effect

We have requested updates on all of the cases from the attorney's, but as
of yet we have not gotten any information back. We will forward any
information on your cases to you as soon as we receive it.


Posted by: hopeful parent at April 23, 2007 07:06 PM

This is very inflamatory, and completely untrue! It is NOT just one family with delays beyond their control!! They have consistently, and continue to, tell people that their child will be home in 6-8 months. I would challenge them to produce evidence of even ONE child that has come home in that time frame. They continue to list themselves as a "non-profit" organization, when there is clear evidence that they are in fact, a FOR PROFIT company. They NEVER offered us another child. They mentioned that maybe the attorney would be willing to "switch out" our child for another younger one (as if this one had some sort of expiration date, or had a warranty issue). The "selfish actions" of this family are NOT the reason that the Attorney General's office and Michigan State Police were able to get search warrants. The judge signed those search warrants based on FACTS - not just some "selfish family". And for the record,.... this civil lawsuit is being served for MULTIPLE families. The criminal investigators and detectives have also interviewed MULTIPLE families.

If they feel that they will be getting their equipment back anytime soon,.. good luck. If they feel that there are facts that will come out that will "vindicate" them,... good luck. I would LOVE for the facts to come out soon so that everyone will understand that the reason that we did this was to try to save more families from having to endure the living hell that we have for more than two years now! I don't think that is selfish. What is selfish is continuing to work with attorneys that have a reputation as they claim on their website, but it's not a GOOD reputation, and knowing that virtually EVERY SINGLE CASE that they have has had "delays" caused by incomplete paperwork in Guatemala. After everything that all of these families have had to do to have themselves considered "worthy" of adopting a child... this agency doesn't have the decency to make sure that they are working with upstanding attorneys/facilitators who have all of the proper documentation completed so that these children actually COULD make it home as promised.

Maybe I should have some of the other families involved in the civil lawsuit and/or the criminal investigation post something on this forum as well so that people will understand that it is not just us who has problems with what has been going on! If all of this has happened just because of one family who is unhappy with how things worked (or more appropriately DIDN'T work) with our case,... maybe I should be wearing a superhero cape!

Posted by: Ticked... at April 24, 2007 04:12 PM

I will add for everyone to be cautious. Guatadopt does not tolerate attacks on those who have likely been victimzed by adoption service providers. Everyone gets their day in court and I don't claim to be judge and jury. But this is also a blog site and when in doubt, we side with defending the adoption parents. We will not tolerate attacks on any adoptive families who had the courage not to be made into victims.

People are of course free to post their positive or negative experiences with an agency. And I realize that the person who commented was only forwarding on what Waiting Angels e-mailed them, not passing nay personal judgement.

but for the record, we will not allow Guatadopt to be used for bashing adoptive families or as a propaganda tool for agencies under investigation. Maybe that's unfair, but I also know that it takes ALOT more than one family suing an agency to get the AG's office and State Police to issue warrants. And the Ticked Off poster above is correct - the civil lawsuit did have multiple families on it.

Lastly - the the State of Michigan - ISSUE SOME PUBLIC STATEMENT ON THIS!!!


Posted by: Kevin at April 24, 2007 04:25 PM

I just want to be clear on this,
I am not siding with the agency at all!. I even read the case against them and I saw that it was 6 families so far. I am Only passing along what the agency emailed back. I copied and pasted the email exactly word for word. So everyone here would know what they were saying and how to handle it. I wanted to let everyone here know that if others unfamiliar with the case called them that this is what they are saying. This was the response when they were questioned as to what was going on. Im in the same boat with many of you and worried sick and have been waiting myself for over 14 months with no explaination. Im sorry if anyone took this as an attack on the parents its not at all.

Posted by: hopeful parent at April 24, 2007 06:48 PM

I guess you can add another "selfish" family to the list. We were also lied to by Joe and Simone and browbeat. I am in contact with MANY families who are unfortunately tied up with this Agency and have been tied up for more months than any of us wish to count. Many of those families were afraid to join the lawsuit for fear, yes, fear, of their adoptions being interuppted by this agency. They have indeed, taken what should have been a happy time in most of our lives and turned it into a horrible experience. The list of unhappy families continues to grow, while children wait and wait and may never come home to the families that were promised them. My heart goes out to all of the families damaged by this unfortunate set of circumstances. The one good thing is that there are honest agencies out there, agencies that are transparent, will answer ANY question with candor and will provide information on every step of a case. thank god we are with one of those agencies now and will hopefully have our child home soon.
Nothing is sugarcoated by our new agency, we are informed of EVERYTHING, whether it be good or bad. You are all in our prayers.

Posted by: ticked, too at April 24, 2007 07:18 PM

(note from Kevin: some infomation was edited to protect the names of the plaintiffs in the case. Although they are technically available publically, we are respecting the anonimity of the plaintiiffs and urge other websites to do the same. But it is clear that Rachel has read the complaint and what she writes is accurate based on it. To Rachel, I tried to e-mail you about this but the e-mail address came back as not deliverable)

This email response from waiting angels is just crazy!
It's very untrue because if you read the case, you can find it above you will see for a fact that
many families are involved not just one. Many more probably will be. Im sure the agency will come up with all kinds of explainations and excuses they are really good at them. I think that the person hopeful was just posting J&S's response because I got a similar one myself and my case has been a long drawn out mess. But in defense of hopeful Everything does need to be out there. We all need to know exactly what is going on and exactly what the agency responses are. This way everyone knows what they are up against. It will all will come out in the end.
Im praying for all of us and our babies.
Also hard question, We hopefully may finally be out of PGN. Does anyone have any suggestions on sending the final payment? I really dont want to send 10,000 through them, who knows if it will get to who its supposed to. I really dont know what to do or who to call. any suggestions?

Posted by: Rachel at April 24, 2007 07:20 PM

Hopeful Parent,

I apologize if my post seemed to imply you were pointing fingers because that was not the intent. I am happy you sent what Joe and Simone sent to you.

I was merely issuing a warning that if their apporach is going to be to attack one family that Guatadopt will not tolerate it. We get to control the content and we do stand up for adoptive families.

Based on recent experience with an arrested facilitator, a PR war can be waged and won't be a part of demonizing families. But I was not trying to imply anything on your part.


Posted by: Kevin at April 24, 2007 09:18 PM


Concerning your final payment:

I am/was with RAI and we made arrangements with our attorney in Guatemala to make the payment directly when we travel.

I would try to contact your attorney directly and see if you can make the same arrangement.


Posted by: adopting papi at April 25, 2007 09:50 AM

Anyone who paid foster fees to Waiting Angels may want to check with there attorney to make sure they were charged. As we were charged a huge amount for foster fees and were told by the attorney, that they never charged them, or did they recieve them.............

Posted by: xxxxxxxxxxx at April 25, 2007 10:31 AM

I would just like to say that I am a former WA client. My adoption went perfectly smooth, my son was home 6 months after the paperwork was completed. I had a POSITIVE experience with WA. Maybe it'because it was my second adoption and I knew that there is no guarenteed timeline for adoptions, no matter what country you choose. I knew nothing about this issue until the Police called me today.

Posted by: JC at April 25, 2007 01:20 PM

To JC who was happy with her WA experience.....

It being your second adoption really had nothing to do with it. We have many families currently stuck with this agency that are not first timers. All of us were completely aware that OCCASIONALY there are problems which cause delays beyond the control of the agency. Our issue, and yes it's OUR as in most every family involved - not just one couple as was implied by their letter, is that because of who this agency has chosen to work with in Guatemala among other things, almost EVERY SINGLE case that they have has had "delays". And these "delays" are causing months and years of these children not being able to be home. The fact that you were able to get your child home in 6 months, is absolutely AMAZING!! I would guess that your adoption was completed quite some time ago. None of us involved either in the lawsuit, or the criminal investigation, or too afraid of the staff to do more than just wring our hands and pray, were that naive to think that everything would be completely smooth. None of us were expecting some Hallmark experience. BUT, none of us deserve to endure what we have at their hands either.

I'm very happy for you that your adoption went smoothly and you are a happy client. That is a VERY short list that you are on. The rest of us have joined a sorority that none of us ever wanted to be a part of.

Posted by: Still ticked at April 25, 2007 05:51 PM

I am a former WA client too. I knew that there was no "guaranteed timeline", but a general timeline was often implied by Waiting Angels and understandably hoped for and reasonably expected by us. I am a very laid back ,patient kind of person who tries to see the good in people, but I was left rattled to the core after having to deal with Waiting Angels.
In hindsight there were red flags from the beginning, but we were committed to the child whose smile stole our hearts. We were in process for over 9 mths (a short time compared to the poor families that have waited much longer). We had a NEGATIVE experience for many reasons in the control of Joe and Simone. We also don't believe we would have brought our child home when we did had we not visited GC and been in direct contact with those involved there. We believe we were lied to and threatened that our case could slow down if we did not comply with their questionable charges. I am glad the poster JC had a short time line and positive experience, but to imply that victimized adoptive parents are only having a negative experience because they believed there was a "guaranteed timeline" is just wrong. Many have waited many months or even years for children who may or may not ever come home. Being lied to and strung along is painful and I hope people who have had a positive experience can have compassion for those who have not been so lucky. My heart goes out to those families who are still waiting and for those who know that the child they longed for is not coming home.

Posted by: Former WA client at April 25, 2007 07:37 PM

I,too, must agree that the list of satisfied clients is a very short one with WA. I am quite happy that your children made it home in such a short timeframe. May I ask how long ago your adoptions were and were both with WA? I would also be interested in hearing what other WA families have to say about their timeframes and when their adoptions occurred. We were treated quite badly from the start and felt we were left no choice after giving them several chances to redeem themselves and do the right thing by us.

Posted by: ticked, too at April 25, 2007 08:12 PM

I just want to urge anyone involved in this case or anyone speaking to authorities to please encourage any decision maker to allow WA to continue with their current case load during this investigation. While we may all want justice to prevail, we also want these children home. Please encourage authorities to return documents and to unfreeze accounts where some of us have money locked up. Thank you!!!

Posted by: Carol at April 25, 2007 10:30 PM

I just brought my daughter home in November. She also was home in 6 months exactly when I was told she would be home. I had absolutely no problems with WA and every timeline given to me was pretty much right on target. I guess I was extremely fortunate and I am so sorry for everyone having problems with WA and will continue to pray for all of you and all the babies affected.

Posted by: JV at April 25, 2007 11:14 PM

Wow, I sure didn't expect to be attacked after posting on this board!! Yes, this was my second adoption. My first was with a different agency and from RUSSIA. That adoption was not completed in the "promised" time either. There were delays on the part of the Russian Government, and other factors. My WA adoption was completed in October 2006. I signed on with them in November 2005. I was not paper ready, and that took me a few months to complete. I sympathize with the familys who's adoptions are stalled for whatever reason.

Posted by: JC at April 26, 2007 09:29 AM

It seems to me that two years ago when I was researching agencies WA had a much better track record for their cases. Then, starting just after that. more and more cases hit major roadblocks. Those of us who are WA clients are not idiots. We know there are no guarantees. I fully expected previos, small delays, little bumps in the road. I did NOT expect to be bullied, yelled at, accused of things, and threatened. I did not expect to be charged for things that I shouldn't have had to pay. I did not expect to be treated like less than a human being during this process. I do not believe that they will be getting thier materials back anytime soon as I fully expect charges to be filed against them.

Posted by: Unlucky at April 26, 2007 11:44 AM

Could anyone post the attorneys phone numbers im using Maria Del Carmen Mansilla Giron
I cant get in touch with the facilitator

Posted by: BB432 at April 26, 2007 03:01 PM

Kevin, if you feel it would be appropriate, the attorney handling the lawsuit against Waiting Angels said it would be okay if her name and number was posted. Joni Fixel 1-517-332-3390 and she practices in the state of Michigan. Thank you for all your support.

Posted by: anonymous at April 26, 2007 04:01 PM

I would like to thank JV and JC for posting, it gives me hope, that I might bring my baby home. I think that everyone has a right to tell their story. They were not attacking anyone, just sharing their experience. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

Posted by: WA worried Mama at April 26, 2007 11:29 PM

I agree- I like hearing the positive stories too! Thank you.

Posted by: Carol at April 27, 2007 07:19 PM

Hi everyone,
I am not a WA client. I meet someone who is. But, let me tell you a little bit about my story. I am currenting adopting from Guat. I am with a licensed agency and like TICKED I have also been informed every step of the way. I also researched my agency but just like anything in life there is no guarantee. I am provided with medical updates and pictures every month. I received my referral when my daughter was a month. She was 6 and a half months when I received "pink". I will be bringing her home really soon. My heart truly goes out to everyone who is with WA.

Now, a couple of months ago I started talking to a woman in the supermarket and she also is adopting from Guat. We became friends and a support system for each other (even though my process went smooth it still was a roller coaster and a very emotional experience). I shared with her the details of my adoption process and she would tell me hers. At first, I could not believe the things she would tell me. I hesitated about sharing my concerns about her agency. She was in complete DENIAL and thought her situation was normal. Conversion after conversion I had to get it through her head something was not right. She received her referral when her son was 4 months old. Now he will be celebrating his second birthday. I know each case is different and there was no guarantee when you can bring your child home. My agency told me from the get go once my paperwork was sent to Guat for translation and when it entered the PGN it was out of the agencies and my attorney's control (this doesn't mean I just sat back and waited I made biweekly calls for updates). I am sure they are going to be glad to get rid of me. My agency encouraged me to visit my daughter as often as I wanted and that I could afford too. I did and I spent a couple of days over there. I meet my attorney and the foster mom. I used that trip to verify and find out as much information as possible. During my trip is when I was able to receive my attorney's contact information and I got to have lunch and meet with the foster mom. Through a translator I was able to learn alot about my daughter. I strongly encourage the visit. If you have contact with your attorney or faciliator go over there. Take the trip visit your child and meet everyone involved in your case. Find out what exactly the status is. Please don't wait for files or laptops to be returned. Who knows when that will be! Days might turn into weeks and weeks into months. Now, is the time to be proactive and take matters into your own hands. Remember the agency here works for you and so does the attorney or faciliator over there. It is your money that has paid their salaries. If you are being encouraged not to contact them do it anyway. I contact my attorney in Guat at least once a month. Don't let the language be a barrier. There are people who speak english over there. My attorney speaks perfect english as well as spanish. I have faith that everything would turn out for the best. I believe WA started out with the best intentions. I know there is evil in people but I just can't believe they would take advantage of parents who are desperatly wanting children. I think WA got in over there head. They really didn't know what they were doing and didn't have the right contacts in Guat and it has just became a big mess and to cover up the mess came lies and false information. Even in a terrible situation I would still like to believe there is good in all.

My friend (I'll refer to her as Believer) was encouraged by WA not to go visit. Or she was sent emails saying they would set it up and never get back to her. I am not going to point fingers at anyone at WA but clearly something was wrong. My agency would return my call. Believer thought it was normal not to get a call back for days or sometimes a week. She did not know who her attorney was or have a case #. She was never told when she entered the PGN or if she even was in the PGN. I demanded she seek answers and I kept after her for a while trying to make her understand something was terribly wrong. Final, she came out of her denial just before WA was raided. I am not an attorney but I do know that a judge does not sign a search warranty without probable cause. It's been posted that it all started with one family complaining. And, this didn't happen because of the lawsuit, remember they didn't do this; this was done to them. I bought a luxury car from a dealership. After two weeks the car just died at a red light. It had to be towed to the dealer and I was later informed it needed a brand new engine. I'm sure like anyone else I didn't wanted a new engine. I wanted a new car. They refused to give me a new car and insisted on replacing the engine. It took several weeks and contacting different people and agencies to get what I wanted. But, at no time did the state come in and raid the dealership because of one person's bad experience. I know this example is a little extreme but I want everyone to realize that this could not have started because one person was unhappy with a vendor's service. If the state investigated every unsatisfied customer the government would take over and we would be living in a communist country and not the free world we live in. Don't believe what you are being told by someone who is under investigation. To find the truth you must find it yourself. I apologize for going on but this is happening to someone who I have grown to care about and instead of sharing each others joy I am sharing her pain.

Since the raid Believer has spoken to WA and basically has been told the same as all of you and what has been posted. When I travel to Guat to pick up my daughter I will be staying a couple of extra days. I plan on tracking down the person who is named on her POA. Believer was never given a name of anyone so I figure I will start with him. The goal is to find out if he knows about her case and if her son is really up for adoption and were is he with the process. What was he told by WA and what needs to be done to bring him home. I pray that my trip will bring back hope for my friend and that her son is still waiting for her. If I am successful I will post step by step exactly what I did in case I am able to help someone else. Stay strong, stay positive and take charge. Only you can help bring your children home.

Posted by: 1 Adopting Parent to another at April 27, 2007 11:57 PM


Posted by: Casey at April 28, 2007 02:34 AM

Sorry the blog address is

Posted by: casey at April 28, 2007 03:08 AM

Hi all,
I'm a former WA client that sympathizes greatly with all of the families. We had a bad experience with WA also. We were told we'd have our son in 4-6 months...we brought him home 14 months after we signed. It doesn't surprise me at all that WA is in trouble. For those of you who have had a positive experience, that's great, but know that almost every other family has not. Please be sympathetic. You can get back can't get back time.

Posted by: sympathetic at April 28, 2007 09:26 PM

I know I've said this before, but I live right here in the metro area and have read or heard nothing on this raid. With all the local medias and their 'hunger' for a story like this, I wonder why it hasn't made the news? Sometimes more attention helps....

Posted by: Sharon at April 29, 2007 09:18 AM

To the person who said she had a smooth experience with Joe and Simone and thought the reason may be it was her 2nd adoption .
I have NO IDEA what that has to do with having a "good " or "bad"
experience the 2nd time around ???
I have many friends who have adopted 2, 3 and even 4 times and 1 adoption has NOTHING to do with the others.
This is also our 2nd adoption from Guatemala , and believe me,I don't wish this emotional hell on anyne.
Our 1st adoption took 71/2 months from the time of referrel until we were flying home .
I am well aware there can be delays, with any adoption .
We signed with waiting angels July 05', we were charged 3 months foster fees $350.00 a month
That is $1050.00 total .
We found out our daughter has never been in foster care and our facilitator does not ever charge for foster care EVEN when a child is in foster care .
Our daughter is and has been in a Hogar.
We have emailed Joe numerous times asking for this money back .
We don't even get a reply.
We had been signed with them for 8 months Feb 06' and had been told everthing was going fine and we were waiting for P.A. and would be bringing our daughter home in March. We found outFebo6' our process in Guatemala had not even started because she didn't have a B.C.
Through a friend who had been through an adoption with W.A.'s and had finally got to bring her daughter home , gave me the email address of our facilitator's sister. So I wrote to ask her some questions and Joe and Simone threatened to pull the adoption .
They said we had gone against our contract.
So I contacted our attorney who said we had done NOTHING wrong and the contract said we could not contact the attorney in Guatemala.
Our attorney said we could even contact our facilitator if we wanted and that would even be in violtaion of our contract.
Isn't it strange that even the people who have their children home through W.A.'s are still afraid to post their names here .
I have been dealing with Joe and Simone for almost 2 years now and it is no surprise to me why people are afraid to post their names.
I am wondering who
"the happy Clients" are.
I have the email addresses and phone numbers of 20 plus clients and I personally have only spoke to 1, yes 1 person who was happy with the way her adoption went .
I'm sure their could be others.
I won't write details of others experience with W.A.'s but I sure wish people would share what they can PROVE to be true by emails and charges.

The client who set up the support group for current clients had a really bad week last week .
Her teenage daughter was in a really bad car crash.
I passed along the emails requesting to join , if you did NOT receive an invitation please send me another email as I'm sure it was simply over looked due to her being so upset and busy with her daughter .

Posted by: Paula at April 30, 2007 02:50 AM

Can anyone tell me if they think the facilitators/atorneys that are working with Waiting Angels are on the up and up? Im sure they not and Im wondering if there is anything we could do to find out?

Posted by: anonymous at April 30, 2007 07:43 AM

This is CAS - posted on 4/19. We weren't one of the families in the original suit but are seeking reimbursement of the $$ thru our own attny. I was just contacted by a detective at the Mich. State Police & he was very informative. WA is being investigated for tax fraud in addition to the suits claiming fraud by a number of families. He said they had over $500,000 in their acct - NOT FOR PROFIT???? Yeah right!!! I don' t know where they went wrong, but I do know that they sure did somewhere!! Joe has also threatened some of the Guatemalan nationals they work with & these people were very scared of him-not a nice guy. He also told them they had paid us back & we were very happy w/ them!! He is such a liar!!!

Posted by: cas at April 30, 2007 12:47 PM

Just wanted to thank everyone for posting their experiences, good or bad with WA. It is nice (and sad too) to see so many people sharing their experiences, so that we can realize that some of the stories that we have been told over the past two years or so have been just that,... stories. How sad that it all has had to come to this! All of the little things that really didn't make sense to us in the process, are now things that are going to come back to bite Joe and Simone. All of the bullying will also catch up to them. Joe may have influence over some people now, but hopefully soon, things will progress and he can't be too scary from behind bars!

Again, I want to encourage EVERYONE to please contact Suzan Sanford at the Michigan Attorney General's office. They are working in conjunction with the Michigan State Police, and if you haven't already been contacted by them, you probably will. They are going through all of the records that were confiscated in the raid, and are making attempts to contact every family that they can to get their experience.

Also, although there hasn't been anything in the press about all of this yet, there will be very soon. For those that live in the metro area of Michigan, watch WDIV on Thursday. Karen Drew is putting together a story, and she was able to get some footage during the raid. For those of you that live in other states, I will try to get copies of the show, and will be happy to send them out to everyone.

The son that we were promised when he was less than two weeks old will be turning two years old soon - in Guatemala. I doubt that Joe or Simone have lost a second's sleep over it. Meanwhile, not only have we lost sleep, tears, weight (and gained it again, and lost it again...) the ability to trust, the financial ability to try to adopt again.... and since we suffer from infertility, this was our one chance to become parents. I doubt this bothers Joe or Simone either. But their day is coming!!! And that is one day that I don't mind WAITING for!!!!

Posted by: Ticked still at April 30, 2007 09:51 PM

So what will happen to us all if they are charged? Will they still be able to be in charge of the cases they have?

Posted by: worried waiting angel momma at May 1, 2007 05:59 AM

We, too, were bullied by Joe and Simone from quite early on in our dealings with them. We signed our contract and faxed it back and two hours later, we were advised not to accept the referral by our neurological international pediatrician. We had wired $15,000 the day before and had given our $1,000 retainer about a week earlier. We immediately began calling and emailing them to no avail. By the time they got back to us, they said sorry, but the money is already in the hands of "the attorney" as everyone they deal with is cleverly "nameless".
After several weeks of playing detective, we contacted the person directly that was supposed to have our money and dossier and were told flat out that they had never received one dime of it as monies were never paid quickly by Joe and Simone. Needless to say, I am not surprised that their bank accounts are full. We also were told we could not get our dossier back as that was also in the hands of "the attorney" -- by the way, another out and out lie. In our state, it costs about $3,000 to $4,000 to ready a complete dossier. Just add those dollars to our list. Yes, the sleepless nights are not pleasant. I do hope Joe and Simone can experience them now.
Ticked, too

Posted by: ticked, too at May 1, 2007 08:26 AM

To Cas:
You mentioned that you're seeking reimbursement through your own attorney. I need to do the same and would like to know which attorney you're using. Could you please email me at:
Thank you.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 1, 2007 10:04 AM

My experience with the AG has not been positive. I have left 6 messages for Susan Sanford-she has never returned my call. When I talk to someone else they give me no answers but tell me to file a complaint. At this point, I don't have a basis to file a complaint but they have the records that would probably determine if I should. We are not a party to the complaint but obvioulsy we want to know what is going on.

Posted by: T at May 1, 2007 12:16 PM

Hello Everyone - I am a victim of this WA thing too. My little boy (now) will be 2 in July, he is Juan Carlos on the piczo page. As all of our children he is my heart. We supposedly are in PGN, at least we have a number. (If that is not a lie)

We have hired Adoption Supervisors to help us out and I feel that if it were not for them we would not be were we are in the process. We have been 18 months now. I personally feel if you can afford the help do it.

I think we are all safe in saying that we did our homework for this agency. My girlfriend adopted from them and received her son in 10 months!!!!! WOW Wouldn't we all be jumping up and down to only have that wait. This happened when they were new to the "game" and before greed took over and telling stories was a way of life.

I cried for all of us and then I got mad. I do have to say that the lawsuit may look as if it doesn't help any of us but I am a Michigan resident and have spoken to the state police and the detective working the case, we are ALL in better hands now. Most of all no more lies and listening to the "sales" pitch. It took me a long time to believe that they would be that way and part of me still feels that they just really DON'T know what they are doing adoption and business wise.

I am here to tell you they do have alot of evidence against them, and somewhere along the line I just got fed up.

There is strength in numbers so please let us not fight between us but stand strong together. It is for the same outcome - our beloved little children. We need to start a support group together. Please feel free to call me or e-mail me. (Rae Ann 231-587-8405 or

Through all this darkness - may his face shine upon us.

With prayer, hope and love to all
Rae Ann

Posted by: Rae Ann at May 2, 2007 01:16 AM

Hey Ticked too

What child if you don't mind my asking was this that the doctor told you not to accept? We may be uncovering something else about WA. We accepted our referral of Juan Carlos in January and NOTHING happened for months 12 to be exact. But they did contact us in August that the little boy we adopted was diag. with mild cerebral palsy. I have heard of this happening a few other times with WA.

It really doesn't matter now for us we love the little guy no matter what but I would be curious to know if they try to do this often.

Posted by: Rae Ann at May 2, 2007 01:28 AM

I have friends who adopted two children from Guat and one was diagnosed with CP once home. This is pretty hard to diagnose early on as I've been told, but I've heard about it from other parents, also. I don't believe any agency is aware upfront of these developments with CP. The child we were referred looked to have other problems that we could not take on. The great thing with our new agency is that we have received a medical and at least 10 photos every 6 weeks directly from the doctor. I understand from other WA clients that they never sent updates, let alone photos.

Posted by: ticked, too at May 2, 2007 07:49 AM

I am DEEPLY SADDENED that Joe & Simone have been treated so badly.
Both Simone & Joe are COMPASSIONATE, PROFESSIONAL, CARING providers in the adoption industry. My first adoption was with a different agency and they were awesome also. WE LOST 2 CHILDREN through the adoption process, THIS IS NOT AN ADOPTION AGENCY'S FAULT. Waiting Angels has worked very hard for all of us. Joe came home with our daughter in December 2006. HE WAS KIND, GENTLE, and it was so obvious connecting families was a true passion for him. Simone cares so much about all the children & families in the process.
When reading the local papers I have found all Guatemalan adoptions are going slower than other years, THIS IS OUT OF SIMONE & JOE'S HANDS. I feel like someone who believes in all the good they have done should also have an OPINION. I know there are as many happy families with WAITING ANGELS.All this has done is slow all the other adoptions down. I TRULY believe in Joe & Simone.


Posted by: kkb at May 2, 2007 08:18 AM

The local NBC affiliate will tonight 5/2 be airing the first of a two part series on the waiting Angel's situation.


Posted by: Kevin at May 2, 2007 12:07 PM

I got updates, medicals and pictures every 6-8 weeks. I also got a video of my daughter. Again, I was one of the satisfied clients whose adoption went very well.

Posted by: JV at May 2, 2007 12:46 PM

Dear KKB,

I am glad you have your daughter home safe and in your arms. No situation is ever black and white. One good experience does not negate the many other very bad experiences. The stories WA clients have been telling have nothing to do with the normal slowdowns in Guatemala. They have everything to do with poor communication, less-than-stellar facilitators/attorneys and the worst of the worse-case scenarios. You may be thrilled with them, but the government and the police do not step in for no reason. I am anxious to see how this story unfolds. I was told the AG's office had 3 weeks to file charges or return all property. Three weeks is tomorrow.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 2, 2007 12:53 PM

Dear kkb,

You might have had a good experience consider yourself lucky. If in fact what you say is true. I am not going to attack anyone but please provide your information so we can get in contact with you. And, you can help the rest of us. I am adopting with another agency and have had an incredible experience. We all know Guatemala takes long and it is out of an agencies hands once over there. But, that is not the issue. The issue is all the lies they are telling and the false information they are providing. Have you read the civil lawsuit? Well I have, and what happen to those families is exactly what is happening to my friend and everyone else who is a waiting angel client. Why has Joe and Simone randomly charged different fees to different families? Read the lawsuit and notice what these families were charged. Like someone posted if you are not for profit how can your account have so much money in it ($500,000). If they are so wonderful why are they being investigated. My agency has never been investigated and has been doing adoptions from Guatemala and other countries for many years. Joe and Simone have told several families that their attorneys over there have been sent the money and that is the reason why they can't return it. Yet, the attorneys over there are saying they have not been paid. And, it is not one attorney it is several different attorney's. FYI, WA does not use attorneys, they use facilitator "secertaries" who then hire attorneys to complete the necessary legal paperwork that they can not do. Is your child on the coming home page?

Posted by: 1 Adpotive parent to another at May 2, 2007 02:27 PM

Concerning how Joe and Simone are represented on this thread, the phrase 'you reap what you sow' comes to mind. I'm sure you are being truthful about your good experiences with them, but that does not mean that other people have not had serious issues. Its unfair to blame the complaining parents for slowing all the other adoptions down. These parents obviously have few choices for rectifying their situation, and are taking action that will benefit future families. If you must assign blame, I suggest pinning it on the source of the problem instead of the messenger.

On another note, is there anything the rest of us who have been fortunate with our adoptions can do to help WA, RAI, and Mary Bonn clients left with adoptions in limbo? I'm sure expenses are insane and maybe a fundraiser is in order. I'm not much of an organizer, but I'd certainly like to contribute.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 2, 2007 04:33 PM

To KKB, congratulations on your good experience, and you are entitled to your opinion. However, the Attorney General's office and state police don't issue warrants on people who are operating on the right side of the law. The warrants weren't issued because people were waiting a long time for their children to come home. The warrants weren't issued because people were disappointed in their timeframes either here or in Guatemala. I'm glad that you felt that they were so compassionate and kind.... to us, they were dismissive and rude to say the least. And I hope that you truly don't believe that THIS is the reason that people's cases are delayed!! This lawsuit and criminal investigation is just another excuse for them to serve to families. They weren't being investigated when our case started back in June of 2005.... or when another families case began shortly after ours, and their child still isn't even in PGN almost two years later!!! We are not isolated cases of emotionally upset families. We are the norm unfortunately. YOUR case was the exception. Just be thankful, but please don't direct anything at those of us who still don't have our little ones to tuck in at night!!

Posted by: Still ticked at May 2, 2007 05:20 PM

kkb I am deeply saddened that so MANY adoptive families are going thru such a hard time because of Waiting Angels. Some things ARE in their control. Criminal search warrants aren't given on a whim. Please don't speak for us when refering to Joe and Simone working so hard for ALL of us and caring about ALL the families and children. I am sincerely happy that you had a pleasant experience ,but in my opinion they know that they better have some good cases in order to stay in business. Lucky for you that your process was satisfactory.
We did not find Joe and Simone to be caring, compassionate or professional. Contrary to your blanket statement Simone did not seem to care about my child and family and many other families that I know about. They did not work hard for ALL of us. Even our Guatemalan attorney said they do very little and I definately believe this after learning more about the adoption process in GC first hand. As for Joe... it seemed obvious to us, from his own words ,that $$$$ was more of a passion than connecting adoptive families.

Posted by: former WA client at May 2, 2007 05:27 PM

The MAIN REASON I Expressed my opionion, is because my first adoption experience I was in process in Guatemala for 2 1/2 years with a different agency, IT WAS A VERY PAINFUL TIME, however I understood that my adoption agency was very reputable and this was not someting they could control. Although I emphathize with all of you, I TRULY BELIEVE WAITING ANGELS IS VERY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO. I hope your babies come home soon.

Posted by: kkb at May 3, 2007 07:59 AM

I just watched the news segment from channel 4. I feel for all of you waiting, and wondering what is going to happen. I have had 3 failed adoptions with, actually bringing home what was going to be my baby and then birth mothers changing thier minds.
How can an agency do this to a person when there is already many risks that were taking. And then to have clients requesting thier money back and have over 500,000.00 sitting there in your home in CASH, and you not refund them!! That is insane!! Again my hopes and prayers go out to you waiting parents, that your babies come home!

Posted by: Kerri at May 3, 2007 12:12 PM

To: kkb and jv

See the live footage online of the undercover investigation.

And thank god you were so lucky.

Posted by: Helping a friend at May 3, 2007 12:33 PM

Anyone wishing to view the video of the search warrants being executed on Joe and Simone's homes, go to: I could not believe my eyes when I saw a half million dollars IN CASH that was seized. I am sure there will be more footage of them soon.

Posted by: not yet a mom at May 3, 2007 01:22 PM

I am so sorry for the pain all the WA families are going through. The stories absolutely break my heart. My daughter was photolisted by both WA and an agency called Celebrate Children International out of Oviedo, Florida. In my opinion, CCI is unethical as is it's attorney Ivanna de Leon Garcia or Garcia de Leon. But now I'm glad I didn't choose to adopt her through WA, either.

Posted by: RA at May 3, 2007 02:51 PM

Besides the footage above showing the raid and undercover news anchor...there is another link under the original from last nights broadcast showing showing footage of Joe and Simone in handcuffs being taken into the police department today. This is a day most of us families have been waiting for.

Posted by: WA's Mom at May 3, 2007 05:50 PM

I just saw the footage tonight of both of them in court. The judge put them both on house arrest and they have to wear a teather. Now get this...Simone was upset because she has no way of making money now and wanted to go back to work as an exotic dancer!!!

The judge denied her request!


Posted by: LIsa at May 3, 2007 11:23 PM

So, if they are on house arrest. What does this exactly mean??
Can they keep the cases that they already have? and not except new ones like RAI? How are our cases going to move forward. I have not been contacted by a sole. I have left my name with the Attorney General. I do not think it is fair that we WA parents are
left hanging!

Posted by: worried WA Mama at May 4, 2007 10:35 AM

Hi. I'm a reporter for the Detroit Free Press, and I'm writing a story about the two people charged yesterday at the Angels Adoption Agency. If you are waiting for a child from this company or believe you were defrauded, please feel free to call me. The deadline for the story is 6 p.m. today. Thanks,

Steve Neavling

Posted by: Steve Neavling at May 4, 2007 02:16 PM

Even more damaging video today at

Believe what "Joe" has to say or not, this video is going to do horrendous harm to the cause of international adoption. It makes my heart ache.

And as an aside for those who've defended the couple, would you really have been happy to know that if things turned bad for a while, Simone would "go back" to dancing in a nightclub for a living. A stripper as an adoption facilitator? H'mmm...

Posted by: Gregg at May 4, 2007 09:30 PM

WA website is back up.

Posted by: kias mom at May 5, 2007 02:55 AM

I'm not a waiting angels client but I have sued an agency in IL. It isn't easy to sue an agency but it had to be done. One of my goals is to protect future PAP's.

I understand that WA clients in process are worried about completing their adoptions but please, don't criticize the WA clients who had the courage to file suit and prevent this type of poor agency practice in the future. It's not fair to them. They deserve support for their courage hiring an attorney and exposing this agency.

To the WA plaintiffs, I just wanted to let you know, been there, done that, came home empty handed too. It's a long, hard, frustrating experience to be a Plaintiff. My nightmare has lasted five years now. We are in the appellate court now. It is not easy but it will be worth it if adoptions become more ethical and states are more strict about licensure rules for adoption agencies. PAP's in the future are going to benefit from your choice to file suit and it is serving the greater good.

I'll be watching for news on this case and you are in my heart right now. To the in-process WA clients, you are also in my heart and I hope that your adoptions are completed without problem. As this evolves, more information will become available to help you.

Posted by: BB at May 5, 2007 09:29 AM

Does anyone know how to check if child is REALLY in PGN or if it another scam by WA? Also, has anyone else been given excuses about why your cases have not been proceeding like lake of DNA from birth mother etc?

Posted by: WA Victim at May 7, 2007 06:06 PM

To answer WA Victim's question, Yes, there is proof when a child is in PGN. PGN provides the attorney with a stamped, dated receipt with a case number on it. Try contacting WA first and insisting that they let you see it. If they can't or won't give you the number, I'd try getting in touch directly with your Guatemalan attorney. I'm betting that he or she will be happy to work with you, as they must be feeling pretty uneasy these days about ever seeing their fees from WA. You and all the other affected families are in our prayers.

Posted by: Gregg (and Esperanza) at May 8, 2007 09:36 AM

My husband and I have been talking to Edwin & Manfred with Adoption Supervisors and they have verified that we are indeed in PGN, and are looking into why we have been there so long. We also were worried that we were scammed by WA. We appear to be fortunate - we are where they said we were BUT we found out we were submitted and re-submitted after being kicked out MUCH later than we had been told. Interesting...

Posted by: Another WA Victim at May 8, 2007 11:00 AM

What now?? Everyone just sit on our hands? They seized the we get it back?? Where does it go? I know for a fact that I am not getting my son I at least would like my money back. Any new news?

Posted by: Confused at May 16, 2007 12:21 AM

I want to help anyone who does not have his or her children home. I am not agency or even looking for a dime to be made. I WANT TO HELP ANY FAMILY. I was a client of WA and experienced some of the same treatment. I was in Guatemala monthly for 11 months trying to bring my daughter home without any help from WA. I hit every roadblock. I have a lot of contacts and resolutions to problems that you may be facing in Guatemala or unfortunately, just the unknown. My daughter is MARIA ON THE WEBPAGE OF WA.

Posted by: Jennifer at May 17, 2007 02:09 PM

These people are crooks and need to be closed down BEWARE

Posted by: wizard at September 22, 2007 12:05 PM

My wife and I signed a contract with WA in November of 2005 for Brayan & Lillian who were brother and sister. After paying $700.00 monthly for about 8 months for "foster care", we were told their Mother wanted them back and we would not get the foster care money back. We then were matched with another boy and girl and shortly into that process we were told the girl more less was a stolen child and could not be adopted. As for the little boy we have no clue if he even is real. Our INS clearance supposedly has expired, we have already paid WA over $35,000.00, have not heard a single word from anyone. We never were told who the attorney or facilitator was. Should we be angered? I think we have every right to be angered. We are childless and after 20 years of our home being void of childrens laughter we were so excited about adopting. We are not rich by any means, especially after putting forth the above amount. My wife has really had a hard time dealing with all the disappointments, more so than I have.
Could someone please tell me who I could contact to find out if the Gov't. even knows we are a WA client since no one has bothered to contact us.

hurting in KY

Posted by: Alan at September 26, 2007 09:31 AM

Oh my gosh!!! I always wondered who got those babies. I wanted them, but by the time I got around gathering all the paperwork and money, Brayan and Lillian were already matched. Then, they were all of a sudden gone from the WA website. Your situation sounds just like another WA client. I too have paid fostering fees for two babies, which I later found out that the boy is in a hogar(no fostering fees needed there) and the girl's facilitator in Guat. told me she NEVER collects fostering fees. The fostering fees money has gone straight into the hands of WA and never left!!!!
I am soooooo sorry you have been left out. Since your names were no longer on the WA website, you were off the radar screen. Please feel free to email me at I look forward to hearing from you (hurting in Kentucky)

Posted by: WA Victim at October 5, 2007 11:22 PM

The above is a link shows that Brayan and Lillian are still listed the waiting children of Waiting Angel Adoption agency. If you click on the "Waiting Angels" tab on their site, you go to a huge list and there they still are! That is downright terrible to still have them there when PAPs are suffering the loss.

Best Wishes to everyone caught in the middle of this turmoil.

Posted by: Erin at October 12, 2007 12:08 AM

My husband and I were interested in adopting a little girl named Claudia over a year ago. When I called, Simone told us the procedure for starting the adoption. I found it strange that we could put a child on hold with a large amount of cash. Most people I have talked to said this is not a good business practice. We decided not to adopt, because it was too costly for us, and we have been blessed with three of our own kids already. Although, I wish adoptions were made more affordable, because I would love to have a daughter. Anyway, I have looked off and on to see the progress on Claudia, since she is matched with someone now. She has had no activity on her case that I have seen, she is not listed as in PGN, or home yet. I feel bad for the family who is waiting for her, and all of the others as well. I wish them luck and they have my prayers. It is not right that beautiful kids and loving families have to go through this emotional roller coaster ride to be united. I don't know who is to blame, but this system needs to be fixed. It has been over a year that we looked into this, and like I said, this little girl is still not with her family yet, unless they aren't updating the website. I pray for all of you. Sincerely, S.B.

Posted by: Shelly at March 4, 2008 01:44 PM

I worked with WA to adopt my son and he has been home for almost 2 years now. Simone and Joe were very helpful and very honest about the situation.

Posted by: Shirley at March 11, 2008 07:31 AM

Shelly-we are the family that was matched with Claudia in March 2007. We have tried to complete that adoption but have not been able to. Our hearts are broken and we hope and pray that if God wants Claudia to be with us He will find a way for it to happen. We have spokon to many people here and in Guatemala to try to get help. If you know of anyone who can help please let me know.

Posted by: Therese at May 7, 2008 09:40 PM

Hi to Therese, who is waiting for little Claudia. My heart is broken that you do not have Claudia home with you. My husband and I fell in love with her picture, but like I said, we just couldn't afford the cost of adoption. I know that sounds awful. I think about her alot, and actually I say to my husband, "I wonder if Claudia is in her new home by now". I haven't been to this site for awhile, but I'm glad I know her status. I wish I know someone that could help you. Do the law enforcement people or anyone else give you any information as to what will happen? I hope and pray that this gets worked out soon. I will ask people I know if they know of ways to help. Please keep me updated, stay positive and pray. Don't give up hope that your little girl will be with you soon. Love to you and your family from me and my family. I will let you know one way or another if I can get any information as to what people do in this situation. You are in my prayers daily, Sincerely, Shelly

Posted by: Shelly at May 13, 2008 02:18 PM

Does anyone here know anything about Janet and Ramon Barreto?

Posted by: ABB at July 14, 2009 02:20 PM
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