October 21, 2007

It's Halloween Again UNICEF

I just went back and read how the annual Halloween Campaign has been posted. It's amazing to me that in four years, the same flier still works okay. The story hasn't changed much...

So I'll link you back to three yeras ago to get the flier(s) and the idea. But I'd like to add/ask one more thing from those participating this year.

To everyone who was asked to collect for the UNICEF campaign and is not, instead collect for another charity. That way the sprit of good work can continue.

And for all of us who may have a trick-or-treater or two come by collecting for UNICEF, let's instead pledge to donate $5 for each child that comes for UNICEF to another charity. Compliment the trick-or-treater for wanting to do good and let them know that they have achieved it, just for a different charity.

One recommendation, a great charity that I don't believe we have featured before is Behrhorst Partners For Development:

Click here to go back to the 2004 post on this campaign and find the fliers:

Posted by Kevin at October 21, 2007 05:39 PM

I think this is a great idea; you could even add to the flyer that a comparable donation is being made to the alternative charity. One thing that has concerned me with the anti-UNICEF flyers in the past is that it could potentially make children who are trick-or-treating for UNICEF feel like they are doing something bad - which is generally not the case(UNICEF does a lot of good separate from their policies on adoption, and I personally don't think it is fair or even a good idea to reprimand or lecture a child for attempting to do charitable work ). This approach makes the trick-or-treating child feel good (or at least doesn't make them feel bad, which is very important) and shares with the parents our reasons for not donating to UNICEF...

Posted by: NAWtyet at October 22, 2007 10:59 AM
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