September 25, 2008

Colom Calls Forum to Discuss Immigration

Social cohesion, as well as gratitude for the support of the peace process and the establishment of CICIG, stressed in speech.


By: Gladys Ramirez, Manuel Hernandez, Siglo 21 |

Following the increase in deportations of Guatemalans and immigrants from other nations, decided by the United States, President Alvaro Colom, during his speech at the 63rd. General Assembly of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) asked the Secretary General of that agency "to create a forum, formed by former presidents of countries of origin, such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia and Mexico, and recipients of large migrations, to develop together in about six months, a concrete proposal and end once and for all with this scourge that affects so many Guatemalan families and other nations. "

Colom has stressed that globalized trade and information, but we have not found a way to globalize humans so that our migrants are no longer treated as criminals, "but, like the products, trade and money, may have a free movement across borders, as they seek only the opportunity offered by globalization. "

The president thanked the UN support during and after the signing of the Peace Accords, with the accompaniment of Minugua, and now with the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), because this is the only mechanism which will help us to combat impunity.

In the fight against drug trafficking, we must strengthen our security, because the more success with El Salvador, Colombia and Mexico in their attack, our country pays the bills, and for that reason I thank my neighbors Colombia and the support that we have given regionally to confront organized crime and drug trafficking. He also praised the program for Social Cohesion and listed other actions of his government. (read: Promote Social Cohesion).


In New York, President Alvaro Colom took the opportunity to discuss the program of Social Cohesion, coordinated by his wife, Sandra Torres, and said that in 254 days it has reached to the people what they had in the Constitution: Free education and Free health. "We've broken the paradigm that Guatemala was banned after getting sick of the five in the afternoon, because the health posts were closed. Today, in 52 of the 333 municipalities that the country must complete the health service, and 300 thousand children have renovated schools and all equipment, " he said.
"Mi Familia Progressa" affects more than 40 thousand families and young people are going to their places of study, as the Open Schools program (schools open after 3pm, an after-school program) is reducing crime in the areas of greatest risk," he said.

Posted by Marie at September 25, 2008 04:34 AM

I can't agree with what you said really....
please explain further a bit more for me ;d


Posted by: zodiaclove at September 27, 2008 12:39 PM

Dear Zodiaclove,
I did not write the article, just simply translated it from Spanish into English. If you wish for further clarification or more insight please contact the writer of this newspaper article in Guatemala. If you just want my personal interpretation into what was is about the President of Guatemala discussing immigration and deportation policies with the US. The second half of the article discusses free education and free health care started in Guatemala this year. Hope that helps.

Posted by: marie at September 28, 2008 06:24 AM
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