November 27, 2008

FTGA Black Friday Shopping Palooza

BLACK FRIDAY BEHRHORST for a great cause!

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The Turkey has been stuffed, and so are we.
The next thing you know we will be hanging lights on the tree.

We all enjoy the holidays, family, and food galore---
here is a challenge to do something more.

We are all very blessed with prosperity and health.
It's the year of Joe-the-plumber!! Let's spread the wealth!

At the strike of midnight, black friday begins.
We will hunt bargains, and maybe go shopping with friends.

But if you are too full from your Thanksgiving feast--
Just sit at your computer, at the very least. is the place to start..
There you will find a way to give a gift from the heart.

You can make a donation to give as a gift--
The kind of gift that gives every spirit a lift!

A latrine for family, or maybe some school supplies...
We can help so many families if we all try.

Giving back to the country we all hold so dear,
Will help other families and fill our hearts with good cheer.

We wish you the best for 2009--
now quit reading this email, and check us out online!!

**A special thanks to Maria Wright for her creativity in writing this! The information is attached or you can visit or to give.

Thanks for you support! Happy Shopping!

FTGA Planning Committee

Posted by Kevin at November 27, 2008 06:00 PM
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