December 29, 2008

Orson Mozes - Captured

Wow, an adoption agency person who made America's Most Wanted!

As we reported a while back, Orson Mozes has been on the run. I can't say how but they got him. Here's the AMW story:

Historical footage on YouTube:

Posted by Kevin at December 29, 2008 09:33 PM

Just so sad to read this. I do know how some try and extort us on many levels. I truley do feel for the families that have been in contact with this person and feel for the children involved and their PAP's. Just shaking my head right now.

Posted by: Kathy at December 30, 2008 12:43 AM

Thank the Lord this aweful person has been captured. I hope he rots in prison for a very long time.

Posted by: Low at December 30, 2008 09:26 AM

Very glad to see this guy face the music! Enough families and children have been hurt to the core over actions like his.
To offer a child for adoption, accept partial fees, and then pull the referral, and is some cases, more than one totally wrong! I know from personal experience! It hurts! Good job, the State of Califorina knows right from wrong!
And what is it about Florida? It seems to attract these types!


Posted by: Elizabeth at December 30, 2008 12:01 PM

So, I had a successful adoption through Orzon, twins from Romania. What he did is absolutely horrible. Just wondering if any of his previous adoptions are at question?

Posted by: Rosemary Keefe at February 10, 2009 11:53 AM

I am so sorry for those of you who were dooped by Orson. That was almost the case with me. I sent tons of money to him, and it took 3 years! "adoptions closed, this child is unavilable" etc. But either I hounded him enough, or he felt guilty, but the eleventh hour ( I think just before the whole thing fell apart)he produced a little 3 year old girl from Uzbekistan. She is now 17 and I feel very blessed to have her!

Posted by: L. at August 27, 2009 05:13 PM
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