October 15, 2009

The Calendar is Back On!!!

Thanks to a printer who must love the calendar as much as we all do, the project is back on. We will have a link posted early next week for where to submit pictures, along with more specific instructions.

Click on more for IMPORTANT details...

A few KEY things this year:

1.) Photo submission period will be short – only about ten days!!! Once we have link posted (should be Tues 10/20), don’t wait – submit your pics. Pic out a favorite pic or two now and be ready to go. We WON’T have time for late submissions, weird tech issues, etc.

2.) Calendars will be available ONLY through a "preorder" period. We are printing the exact quantity that gets ordered. The cost of excess calendars has been a HUGE drain on the amount of money left over to help children in Guatemala. So we had to get away from that.

3.) The order period will be short – only two weeks!!!!

The schedule is as follows:
Oct 20 – Nov 2: photo submissions
Nov 2 – Nov 15: calendar is being designed
Nov 16 – Nov 30: order period. We will post a PDF of the final product.
Dec 1 – Dec 15: print and bind
Dec 16: ship UPS ground (they should all arrive a few days before X-Mas)

Please do me a favor and spread the word on the various forums. We want to be sure everyone knows because sometimes folks only check Guatadopt once a month or so. We don’t want people to miss the submission period.
If you believe you may need some shipped internationally, please let me know in advance as our e-commerce system is not set –up to accommodate them.

Posted by Kevin at October 15, 2009 09:42 PM

Wonderful News! I love seeing these children!

Posted by: Jim at October 15, 2009 06:00 PM

That is great news!!

Posted by: wendy at October 15, 2009 06:58 PM

So Exciting! Thanks to whoever / everyone who got this together!

Posted by: steph houston at October 15, 2009 08:24 PM

That is such wonderful news! Bless the printer who's agreed to take this on.

One small request - Guatadopt calendars used to include various Jewish holidays but then they dropped off the calendar. It would be wonderful if they're included again!

Posted by: Lee at October 15, 2009 09:14 PM

What nice news!! Thank you to all involved!! Our children have been in the calendar since the beginning, it will be nice to have it another year.
Thanks again.

Posted by: Rhonda at October 15, 2009 09:47 PM

Yeah! Thanks for coordinating the calendar for one more year. Do you have any pointers about what type of picture is easiest to work with? Head shots, action shots, full-length? Is one season more popular than another where you'd be looking for more pictures from the less popular season?

Thanks, again, for offering the calendar. This is the first year I'm eligible to send a picture & I plan to order lots!!

Posted by: Lisa at October 15, 2009 11:36 PM

I am so happy!!! I get to include Zack this yr!!!!

Posted by: Kim at October 16, 2009 12:52 AM

HOORAY!!! Fantastic! Thank you so much for everyone who is in charge or helping with this project!!!!

Everyone - remember, when you order your calendars and if you are able, don't hesitate to make a donation to Do Good or purchase a product! :)

Posted by: Kris at October 16, 2009 07:02 AM


Posted by: PAT at October 16, 2009 10:23 AM

LOVE YOU KEVIN~! FROM FANS IN WALNUT CREEK! Can't wait for the calenders!

Posted by: Ellie at October 16, 2009 11:30 AM

Just an idea for everyone to consider when ordering calenders. Last year I purchased several coffe mugs from Do Good, filled them with candy and gave them as gifts to teachers, babysitters, etc. Everyone loved it!

Posted by: Susan at October 16, 2009 04:12 PM

This is great news. I love the calendar... Were will the link be posted for uploading photos? Will it be on here? I know it was done elsewhere previously and I lost my link to that and can't remember what it was.

Posted by: Lisa at October 17, 2009 07:41 PM

thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

Posted by: maria falvo at October 18, 2009 12:16 PM

Thank you so much. My daughter loves looking at kids like her. You are wonderful. Thank you

Posted by: Sherri Boughton at October 19, 2009 11:34 AM

THANK YOU! this is such a wonderful gift we share every year with our family members & a great way to continue to support children in Guatemala. i was sad when i heard there would be no 2010 calendar :( now i have to go start reviewing those digital files!!! and i ditto all the others who have said to support Do Good - the "i fed a child for a month" tshirt is a great gift idea for those people who have 'everything' - blessings to all of you!

Posted by: Angela Hill at October 20, 2009 12:04 AM

We are so excited. This will be the first year I submit photos of both my boys. We are planning to order lots for family xmas presents.

Posted by: Tracy at October 20, 2009 10:04 AM

THANK YOU!!! I love giving them as Christmas gifts and I know my family looks forward to them every year. I hadn't had the heart to tell them we would not have them in 2010...

Posted by: Michelle at October 20, 2009 10:10 AM

Does anyone know if the link for photo submission has been posted??? Gracias to all making this calendar possible.

Posted by: Angie at October 20, 2009 10:27 AM

I'm wondering the same thing. I emailed Kevin earlier today but have not heard back. I'm sure they are working on it.

Posted by: Jennifer at October 20, 2009 05:46 PM

Hello. Does anybody know how to submit photos? I haven't done this before and want to submit pics of my two boys. Thanks much. Tracy

Posted by: Tracy at October 21, 2009 08:18 AM

I am waiting to hear back from the printer on the status of getting the picture upload going. Don't worry, if you found this blog, you'll have no problem knowing when you can start to send them in how.

As soon as it is ready, I will post a new main thread on the homepage, just like what got you to this one. There will be simple instructions.

Hang in there :-)


Posted by: Kevin at October 21, 2009 08:40 AM

love the calendar. i have been doing this every year. friends and family love it.cant wait for the new one. see all your kids in the next calendar. And you will see Jennifer and Gillian.

Posted by: eve at October 21, 2009 02:50 PM

This is great. Now I can cancel all the "jelly of the month club" memberships I was buying my relatives.

Posted by: soon2bdad at October 22, 2009 09:18 AM


Posted by: Lisa at October 25, 2009 05:39 PM
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