June 07, 2010

Great Prensa Libre Story

The Prensa Libre ran a very nice story on Sunday about all the different ways, Guatadopt included, that adoptive families come together to celebrate our children's heritage, manage parenting challenges, and stay informed on all things Guatemala. You can find it here.

For years I have tried to get just this type of piece written as a way to show what the adoptive family community is like, in particular the fact that many of us don't lose touch with where our kids came from.

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Internet unites families with adopted The social networks through Internet are a new method that the families with adopted children of Guatemala utilize to establish contact, to share experiences, to organize meetings and events, and also to maintain alive the flame of the Guatemalan culture in their children. BY CRISTINA BONILLO

These people have pages or form groups in the social networks that serve even to maintain informed the families on what happens in Guatemala.

Now that the natural disasters unchained by the storm Ágatha and the eruption of the Volcano of Pacaya have done notch in the country, the networks of these adopted families have also become reproductive of the to happen national.

For example, in the web page the families can find brought up to date the last informations on the effects of the storm, as well as testimonies of families and of adopted, and information on processes of pending adoption in Guatemala.

Other groups of adopted parents until maintain projects in Guatemala. Is the case of the Network of Adopted Families of Guatemala, in which they participate families of Canada and States. UNITED., that contribute directly with two projects in Guatemala: one with women in the communities close to Quetzaltenango, where they help to market organic products, and another in a village of Comalapa, where they initiated a project of water entubada.

In Facebook they are several the pages and groups of adopted families of Guatemalans that can be found. One of them is a JINX (Guatemalan Adoptive Family Event), a group created to organize an event that is celebrated every other year approximately, in which they congregate scores of families with Guatemalan children.

In the page Guatemala Adoption of Facebook, 222 members, among families that adopted and their Guatemalan children, share experiences.

The network serves some families to have achievements as the one that mentions Award Videen, who explains that its son has now 9 years and through the network they managed to find their biological brother, also adopted by an American family. "¡We could not believe that to find it could take 20 minutes! Fortunately we were not very far away and we have maintained them in contact", explains Videen in the network. They seek counsels nevertheless, not all the experiences are so good. The families also use the networks to seek aid when arise problems. In this same group, Debbie Mark explains that in 1999 they adopted a Guatemalan girl that now is 10 years old. "The other day broke to cry and said that did not want to be here more. That wanted to be in Guatemala with his family 'real'", indicates the mother, and subsequently question if someone has had an experience of that type and counsels on how act. Local groups In some states, the parents with Guatemalan children create groups to perform joint activities, as in Pennsylvania and Kansas. Gina Peirce, copresidenta of the organization Greater Pittsburgh Adoptions from Guatemala (Gpafg), refers to Free Press that this association is formed by some a hundred families that live in Pennsylvania and adopted children of Guatemala. Be maintained in contact, the organization counts on its own web page, a group in Facebook and another in Yahoo. "We utilize these channels to communicate activities, information of interest as events or resources related to Guatemala that be celebrated in our neighborhood, as well as opportunities to support to supportive organizations that work in Guatemala", declares Peirce. Another organization of this type is Guatemala Adoptive Parents of Kansas (Gapk), that
joins with families of this region for the purpose of "to create a network of support and connection among the Guatemalan culture, the adopted parents and its children", asserts this association in its blog. Among the activities that organize educational and playful options they are found, as well as assistance for who they adopted Guatemalan children.

Posted by Kevin at June 7, 2010 01:48 PM

good article, thanks for posting. one thing did give me pause, though--parents' real names (I'm assuming they are real) posted with discussion of their children's issues. As folks move to Facebook, we have to remember that things are likely not to be as private as they were on the forum here, where we could post anonymously.

Posted by: sjbj at June 7, 2010 02:24 PM

I'm really glad that I was able to contribute to such a positive piece about adoptive families of Guatemalan children! The reporter emailed me last week after seeing our local group's website, and part of my response to her is included in the article.

Posted by: Gina Peirce at June 7, 2010 04:15 PM

WWAAAHHHHOOOO!!! Thanks for posting this.

Posted by: Kris at June 8, 2010 12:14 PM

We adopted our 10 year old daughter from Guate 5 years ago. We have developed a great friendship with the foster family and spent the week with them last April in Guatemala. They are applying for VISAs to come visit us this summer. The most recent trip to Guate was our 4th. We remain in touch with our daughter's birthfamily, as well, and have checked on their safety through the recent natural calamities in Guate. I also located our adoption attorney and we visited on our April trip. We have a great facebook group of Guate moms (and Greg :-). I have written a book entitled, "Guatemala Calls . . . " I am in the process of trying to have published.

Posted by: Jill at June 9, 2010 07:35 AM
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