December 26, 2013

Top 10 All Time Guatadopt Posts

So it is that Top 10 time of year and I got the crazy idea to ponder, what were the top 10 posts on Guatadopt? So I decided to compile my list.

I did so off the top of my head and I am sure there I have missed some stuff. And of course, this is the Top 10 from the perspective of the person who was dealing with these issues. So what may have seemed huge to me, may not have to another.

Please post with any that I missed and would make your list. Brought back a lot of memories...

So here we go..

10. Sesame Street Casting Guatemalan Twins:
No, not a huge deal but a totally cool memory. I received the e-mail from them as I arrive in Guat to bring home our son. Come on, how many people can say they cast twins on Sesame Street?

9. The raids:
a. Casa quivira Raided:
b. Waiting Angels Raided:
c.Primavera Raided:

8. Attorney General Auditing Reaching Arms International:
This was my first real scandal. A few months later, RAI was out of business. And for quite some time there were some wonderful families caught in nothing short of hell.

7. Rico Suit Against:
This one would have never made my list had they not chosen to sue me and Guatadopt.

6. Guatadopt Interview with Consul General John Lowell:
Another cool experience and one that was eye-opening for me. It was amazing of John to grant me the interview and he and I hit it off pretty well, opening more opportunities to try to work together. In case, my enemy was nothing of the sort!

5. Dateline NBC and Guatemalan Adoptions:
We were so scared to announce this. We had no idea how the story would go, even after working for well over a year with the producer. The aftermath of this episode though is the real reason. Behind the scenes, we got very involved in an unsuccessful search for the third kidnapped child. It is a long story but in the end, we had no way of knowing it and we had no involvement with the segment on the kidnapped kids, but we had unknowingly known where that child was prior to the show airing and when we made the connection, things got crazy. We hired a PI, had a family put up in a safehouse, got warned by people high up in the gov to be careful, and never found her. I will be scarred to the grave with the memory of this even though I could not have done more. Very painful!

4. Mary Bonn
a. Mary Bonn Arrested:
b. The Family Speaks Out -
This one was huge for me. I was right in the middle of it all and the aftermath was huge. It was during this time that my Guatadopt work was taking over!

3. Ortega Passed:
The new law that ended adoptions. Need I say more???

2. Finally! (Hague overturned):
Huge in so many ways. Personally, it meant I was going to be a dad. It also was the issue that made Guatadopt immensely popular and spurred the amazing community that would develop for years to come.

1. Welcome Home Mi Hijo:
In honor of all the Welcome Home stories, the one that meant the most to me - my son Sammy coming home!

Posted by Kevin at December 26, 2013 03:32 PM

Thank you Kevin for posting this and so much more! I have two girls from Guatemala, one adopted in 2008. I feel Guatadopt has held my hand all the way.. including with the child I was matched with that never got to come to my family but remains somewhere in Guatemala but always in my heart, and the baby that didn't live to come to USA. So thank you for all the information that I read many late, sleepless nights!
God Bless You!


Posted by: Lynda at December 30, 2013 08:23 PM
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