July 27, 2007

Refreshing the Adoptive Spirit

Lorinda sent us this link to a local News Magazine who interviewed her family about their adoption. While there are so many other issues that have made it hard to read most stories about Guatemala Adoption, the point of this story was just to celebrate the spirit of adoption...

Here is the site for Studio A (who presented the story)

Here is the actual VIDEO CLIP.

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March 07, 2007

CNN Interview - American Morning

MONDAY, CNN will be airing an interview with Marie's family on American Morning show with Soledad and Miles O'Brien. The show airs 6 - 9AM ET. Here is a link to the program...:

3/12 Update - Here is a link to the footage by CNN (minus the intro and comments at the end with Soledad)

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February 03, 2007

Adoption Scams Show on M. W. Show

Monday's episode of the Montel Williams show is on adoption scams. Very timely in light of the RAI audit. This show will feature a couple involved in a Guatemala through the agency Waiting Angels. You can find out more about the epsiode here.

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February 22, 2006

On quiet, the profound, and quantum mechanics

I remember the first day we spent with our baby daughter in the hotel
room Guatemala City (almost 7 years ago). We played with her, gave
her a bottle, and stared into her eyes as she fell asleep. The rest
of the world disappeared, and we watched her sleep, transfixed by this
tiny miracle. There is nothing so simple as a sleeping baby, yet our
thoughts were profound, excruciatingly beautiful - the unbearable
lightness of being.

Even now, long past babyhood, we look at our children when they are
asleep and marvel. As *&^%$ frustrating as their behavior has been,
all is forgiven when they are asleep. Tomorrow is a new day, and I
vow to be more patient.

There is a curious state of matter predicted by quantum mechanics
called the Bose-Einstein condensate. When an atom is cooled to near
absolute zero, meaning its motion has virtually ceased, it loses its
distinct atom-like nature, and diffuses into a quantum cloud. This
has actually been observed in the laboratory. It's as if the atom, in
its quietude, loses itself, and in doing so passes from the material
world into a spiritual realm.

Looking at our sleeping babies is like this. All motion ceases, we
live in that moment, we lose ourselves, and we are transported into

So tonight, regardless of how old your children are, spend some time
just staring at them sleeping and reflect on the love and mystery that
brought you all to that place. There are only a few things in life
truly worth taking seriously, and those things become apparent at such
moments, when we are quiet.

I'm in a reflective mood. But the house is a mess :o( Ahh well, back
to the material world.


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January 24, 2005

Tragedy to hope

Here is one adoption story sure touch anyone's heart. As someone who experienced the pain of a child passing away before coming home, I empathize with and admire Scott and Holly of Wisconsin...

My husband and I have been in the process of adopting from Guatemala since
April 2004. We were quickly referred a baby boy born August 17th and were
ecstatic to say the least. We received pictures shortly thereafter. His name was
Juan Carlos, but we called him "Brady." Brady was said to be a very healthy
baby at birth, but at two months of age started having digestive problems. He
was hospitalized a total of three times with severe diarrhea and failure to
thrive. He was diagnosed with allergic enteritis and weighed only 7 pounds at
four months in December. He was released from the hospital for the third time
the week before Christmas. We celebrated the holidays as usual, keeping Brady
in our constant thoughts and prayers, but on the morning of December 29th, my
brother-in-law (who is from Mexico and speaks fluent Spanish) came over to
call Brady's doctor and get an update on his weight. It was during that phone
call that we received the most heart-breaking news of our lives, Brady had died
earlier that morning. He passed away in his sleep and was found by his
foster father at 5:00 am. Our whole world came crashing down! We still had
presents for him under the tree, toys in his stocking, and his nursery was decorated
adorably with Care Bears. We had never seen or held him, but were very much
in love with him! He is our son and will remain in our hearts forever.

Now, the reason I'm writing...

We have a 5-year-old nephew named Noah who is VERY grown up for his age.
About twelve days after Brady died, Noah was at our house and playing with a Care
Bear phone we received as a gift for Brady. He saw Brady's picture and said,
"Brady died, didn't he?" I replied, "Yes, honey. He did." He then went on
to tell me how he missed Brady and how he talks to him at night when he says
his prayers. He said, "I talk to God before I go to sleep and since Brady's
with God now, I can talk to him, too." As he played with the toy phone, he told
me, "Holly, I'm going to ask Share Bear to tell Cheer Bear to take the
cloudmobile up to heaven and ask God to send you a new healthy baby." My heart
sank! Right then, I realized how truly blessed we are to have Noah in our lives
along with our other nieces, nephews, and loved ones. God spoke through him
that day and provided me with a sense of peace and comfort that I hadn't felt in
a while. I felt Brady's presence there with us and smiled for maybe the
first time in over a week. And wouldn't you know, the VERY next day we received a
phone call that a baby girl had been born on January 9th and was available
for adoption. We accepted the referral and with tears in our eyes we called
Noah right away to tell him God answered his prayers. He was so excited! We
believe Brady had a part in bringing our baby girl to us and will watch over her
while we are so many miles away. She was born Yanira Matilde, and we will
call her "Annaliese." She will not take the place of our beloved son, but will
be told about her brother and how she came into our lives.

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