April 09, 2003


The Updated and Revised list of Adoption Terms section has been moved to our Resource Center.


These are just a few of the *starter* terms used in some of the Guatemala adoption listserves.

Agency Fee - The fee paid to the Agency to complete the adoption. These do not *typically* cover the foster care, travel, DNA and lawyers fees.
Attorney Fee or Country Fee - This is the fee charged by attorney in Guatemala to complete the adoption. In many cases it will include foster care for a specific amount of time.
Authentication - The Dossier must be authenticated by several levels of government. If you live in a state where the notary is granted rights at the county level, you will probably have to have the notary signature authenticated by the county. Then the county seal must be authenticated by the Secretary of State. Then it is authenticated by the Embassy of Guatemala.
BC - Birth Certificate (usually refers to the new birth certificate issued with the adoptive parents names)
BCIS / USCIS / INS - US Citizenship and Immigration Services
CA - Central Authority (Used mainly in connection with Hague implementation. The PGN for a short time was named the Central Authority in March 2003.)
CofA or CoA - Certificate of Abandonment
CR - Civil Registry
Dossier - Collection of documents presented to the Guatemalan officials. These are separate from the documents collected for your Homestudy.
DoS - Department of State
- Family Court
HS - Home Study
POA - Power of Attorney
Poder - Power of Attorney
PGN - Procuraduria General de la Nacion
Pink Slip - Indicates that all papers are in order and the family may travel, affect the Child's Immigrant Visa and return to the US.
PreApproval - The process of having the adoption approved by US Immigration (in Guatemala). This must be done before a case can exit PGN.
Protocolo - The final signoff of the birth mother (this document finalizes the adoption).
SoS - Secretary of State

I600A - Advanced Processing of Orphan Petition (should be filed before or during Homestudy)
I171H - BCIS Preapproval (after submitting the I600A)
I600 - Orphan Petition
G28 - An Attorney will appear on your behalf

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March 08, 2003

Orphan Classification

This information was provided by the US Consul in reference to my question about a private adoptions (it applies to any country):
Orphan Definition

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IR-3 vs. IR-4

This entry has been revised and moved to the Resource Center.

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