December 11, 2009

Calendar Update

UPDATE MON 12/14 - Most, if not all, calenars went out today. At least I received an e-mail this afternoon saying that it looked really good that all would be going out today.

Sitting beside me right now two of the first calendars off the presses... And they look awesome!!!!

That doesn't mean they are all done and shipped. It takes a decent amount of time for them to be dried, bound, pakcaged and shipped. We are on schedule for all calendars to arrive before X-Mas, shipping by the 16th...

There will be about 20 extra calendars available via donations to Do Good. The item is active on the site but realize any donations going in now will not get a calendar before the holidays.

BUT, it is gift giving season and if you donate for any of the other premiums (shirts, mugs, etc), they'll go out in a day. I'm not seeing much come in, why not give the gift that also feeds a child in Guatemala!

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December 01, 2009


As promised, the annual Do Good calendar fundraiser is over. Looks like we've got over 1100 calendars going out, which means we should have raised about $10,000!!!! We will of course keep everyone updated on the reconciled amount (there's credit crad fee's, shipping rates, etc) and how we put it to use.

Thanks to everyone for making it a success despite so many hurdles faced. And of course they are not printed, shipped or on your doorsteps yet, so let's keep finger's crossed!

For anyone who had a computer challenge and could not get the calendar, please e-mail me ( with the following information IMMEDIATELY:
(a) Name
(b) address
(c)phone number and a good time to call
(d) # of calendars requested

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November 23, 2009

Calendar Update - Read Me!!! Back Up and Running!

Here is all the info as of now. Please don't e-mail me questions because I haven't anything more than what is here:

1.) Click on more and you will see all months and places where more kids were added. So if you didn't see your child in the first round, look at these. These are finals. Again, I apologize to anyone whose child is not in the calendar. Nothing more I can say on that.
2.) The Do Good Site is back up ad running! It is the only way to order. The URL is
3.) The SSL certificate is active but you may still get that pesky thing asking you to proceed. If you go through and tell it you want more info (as opposed to just "yes" to conitnue), you can view the certificate and see it is active. I believe the reason the message pops up now is because the certificate we ordered was in the Do Good Charitable Foundation's name when instead I should have gotten it done just as TRUST ME, everything is in order and we are up to date on everything! Just tell it to proceed.
3.) Orders will go on until next Tuesday. That will be the drop dead date in order for us to have them printed and out to arrive by X-Mas.

rear cover2.JPG








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November 21, 2009

SSL Certificate - Calendar Orders

I'm aware of the SSL certificatebeing expired issue that is impacting some of you. I believe that others just click on to continue it will be fine. But I understand concerns over e-security (if only I knew what exactly a SSL is). In any case, it should be resolved quickly. I'll post when it is.

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November 18, 2009

Calendar Preview - All MONTHS!!

FRIDAY - All months are in. Also, I mispoke earlier in the comments. There was some miscommunication with the designer/printer and as a result, we may not get all kids pics in. We are going to see what we can do to get as many in as possible!! If your child isn't in any of the months, don't give up. We're still working on how we can use the back cover to get as many smiling faces on as possible. Remember though, at most you see your child hanging for one month. My kids, because they go on the inside cover, are never who I'm looking at since they aren't in a month. The purpose of the calendar is to show how adoption has created these smiling faces and more importantly, TO HELP FEED CHILDREN IN NEED!!!

I'm disappointed we won't have alll kids in it. But there's not much we can do at this point. If anyone wants a "refund" once we have the whole thing posted because their child isn't in the calendar (or maybe wants fewer), we will of course make it right before they ship. Last year I screwed up the shipping, this year this. But at least we'll have one and it looks awesome! And again, this is a charitable endeavor.













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November 13, 2009

Calendar Cover Preview


Note 11/17: Printer is running a couple of days behind. Don't worry, you'll have time preview before ordering....

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November 02, 2009

Calendar Submission Has ended...

Calendar photo submission has ended as promised. We should be able to have a preview available here right around Nov. 16. Calendars will be available via a donation to the Do Good Charitable Foundation until approx. 11/30/09 and will ship to arrive in time for Christmas.

To place a donation and receive the calendar as a premium, click here:

Also, we are back "in business" for other Do Good items. If you place an order along with your calendar, the non-calendar merchandise will ship immediately, it won't wait for the calendars, but you will only be charged once for shipping...

The calendar schedule is as follows:
Oct 20 – Nov 2: photo submissions - ENDED
Nov 2 – Nov 15: calendar is being designed
Nov 16 – Nov 30: order period. We will post a PDF of the final product.
Dec 1 – Dec 15: print and bind
Dec 16: ship UPS ground (they should all arrive a few days before X-Mas)

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October 15, 2009

The Calendar is Back On!!!

Thanks to a printer who must love the calendar as much as we all do, the project is back on. We will have a link posted early next week for where to submit pictures, along with more specific instructions.

Click on more for IMPORTANT details...

A few KEY things this year:

1.) Photo submission period will be short – only about ten days!!! Once we have link posted (should be Tues 10/20), don’t wait – submit your pics. Pic out a favorite pic or two now and be ready to go. We WON’T have time for late submissions, weird tech issues, etc.

2.) Calendars will be available ONLY through a "preorder" period. We are printing the exact quantity that gets ordered. The cost of excess calendars has been a HUGE drain on the amount of money left over to help children in Guatemala. So we had to get away from that.

3.) The order period will be short – only two weeks!!!!

The schedule is as follows:
Oct 20 – Nov 2: photo submissions
Nov 2 – Nov 15: calendar is being designed
Nov 16 – Nov 30: order period. We will post a PDF of the final product.
Dec 1 – Dec 15: print and bind
Dec 16: ship UPS ground (they should all arrive a few days before X-Mas)

Please do me a favor and spread the word on the various forums. We want to be sure everyone knows because sometimes folks only check Guatadopt once a month or so. We don’t want people to miss the submission period.
If you believe you may need some shipped internationally, please let me know in advance as our e-commerce system is not set –up to accommodate them.

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January 24, 2009

We have a few calendars left

We still have calendars. If you would like to donate to The Do Good Charitable Foundation (Guatadopt's own charity) and receive a calendar (or multiple calendars) you can go to:

The Do Good Charitable Foundation: 2009 Guatadopt Calendars

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December 31, 2008

Calendars - Update

UPDATE 12/31/08 4:00 pm
GOOD NEWS!!!! The Pay Pal order went out Tues 12/30/08!!

Happy New Year y Un Prospero Año Nuevo

Before I bring bad news, let me remind everyone that the calendar is a fundraiser to support children in Guatemala. It is not a commercial product from a company earning a profit.

With that said, we were misinformed when we were told they had shipped. Those actually shipped last Thursday, not the week before.

Secondly, I completely screwed up when I sent out the mailing list. Long story short, if you used Pay Pal, odds are it has not shipped. The good news is that it will shortly. We'll miss X-MAS but ought to make New Year's. I deeply apologize for my error.

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December 15, 2008

Calendar Shipping

Calendars started shippng out last Friday. All should be in UPS's hands by Tuesday 12/16. They are shippijng UPS Ground, leaving from Wisconsin. So they should start arriving at doors this week. We always cut it close, but we always get them out.

Please wait as long as possible before asking for information on shipping. Unfortunately, we don't have a simple way on calendars to get the tracking number atttached to your order.

We thank you for your understanding.

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December 04, 2008

Calendar - Last Chance

We've reopened calendar donation/orders. You have until end of day Saturday and this time we mean it 100%. To donate to The Do Good Charitable Foundation and receive a calendar premium, go to

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November 13, 2008

Calendar Preview

By clicking on more you can see a preview of the 2009 Calendar. We wish to make sure everyone keeps in mind what this calendar is about this year. Yes, it highlights how cute, adorable, and loved our children are. But it serves a larger purpose - helping provide care for children left behind by Guatemala's new law.

The reports we are getting are conditions are deteriorating in many hogares. This includes those that used to be funded by adoption revenue as well as others who are facing increased numbers of children. By donating to The Do Good Charitable Foundation, you can help provide them with necessary supplies, and of course receive the calendar as a premium as well. So please, do all you can to help these innocent, deserving children.

We will soon be announcing an end date to be able to receive the calendar as a premium with your donation. And remember, you don't have to get calendars and straight donations are 100% tax deductible.

To donate and receive a calendar (or calendars) as a premium, please visit http:/// and remember that no one affiliated with The Do Good Charitable Foundation receives any sort of salary, so you know the donations are going to good use.

Calendar Preview: Please note that any corrections requested are NOT fixed in this preview.

a January.jpg

b February.jpg

c March.jpg

d April.jpg

e May.jpg

f June.jpg

g July.jpg

h August.jpg

i September.jpg

j October.jpg

k November.jpg

l December.jpg

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October 06, 2008


Special thanks to Kelly for getting the form to work. The 2009 calendar is a go!!! We have a limited time to get pictures in - so you MUST submit pictures by OCT 7, 2008.

The calendars this year will also be avilable ONLY through preorder. Info on that will come shortly.

All proceeds will go to benefit The Do Good Charitable Foundation. A portion of your purchases WILL be tax deductible.

But first things first... To submit pics, click here:

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September 20, 2008

2009 Calendar - Will it happen? Not looking good

To give you an update, I have spent my spare time for the last two weeks trying to get a form to work for submitting photos. Our hosting times out, so I started investigating other options. Along with this, I am struggling with my laptop going into la-la land while I am updating the form. I now have another solution, but it has YET to successfully send the photo but is sending a confirmation.

I will just give you a heads up that I am running out of time. Everything else here has been piling up while I try to get this running. Unless, we have a small miracle...we won't have a calendar this year. So, send me some good vibes!!!! This year, our calendar profits were going to The Do Good Charitable Foundation to jump start our Orphanage Relief program.

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October 30, 2007

Calendar Preordering and Do Good Announcement


2008 Guatadopt Calendar Preordering is active and going. Preorders will be accepted through Nov 9th. But before you click on the link, we need to explain the site you will be taken to. So click on more for that.

Oct 30 - Preview is here! Just click on more and scroll down...

About six months ago, Kelly and I were pondering how we could find a way to (a) provide direct aid to children in need in Guatemala (b) develop a funding stream to allow us (or one of us) to be able to work full time on advocacy issues. Our schedules have been absolutely insane at times when the costs of Guatadopt maintenance have gone up and there is a greater need for assistance. So out of this we hatched the idea for Do Good, LLC.

Do Good LLC is a company developed by Kelly and I that will sell various "Do Good Stuff". All products are ethically produced and most importantly, proceeds from all sales will go feed children in Guatemala. For example, every shirt we sell will feed a child for a month.

This year's calendar sales are running through Do Good LLC. As such, the preordering is being done through the in-development Do Good store site.

Getting this up and running has proven more difficult that we had intended. So for the time being, THE ONLY THING YOU CAN ORDER ARE CALENDARS!!! We hope to have the whole store functioning very soon and will let you know when we do.

Click here to go to the Calendar pre-order page. Feel free to look through the rest of the site, but please don't attempt to order anything other than calendars.













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September 10, 2007

Submitting Photos for the 2008 Guatadopt Calendar

We are now open for photo submission for our 2008 Calendar. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Please read the instructions CAREFULLY. There is information about our support forum for questions that you may have about submitting photos!

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December 04, 2006

Calendars on their Way

If you pre-ordered your calendar(s) or ordered prior to Thanksgiving, you should be receiving a package soon. The printer is shipping today and tomorrow. If you ordered after Thanksgiving, then yours will be going out early next week. We still have calendars available for those who would like to order them.

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November 16, 2006

Calendar Confirmations

We have started sending out confirmations for the Calendar Orders. I have not entered the Money Orders nor the address corrections yet, but if you made a correction, you will receive another confirmation soon. There were several folks that had some sort of spam filter on their email addresses. There were also some confirmations that BOUNCED because of incorrect Paypal email addresses(That makes it near impossible for us to mail your confirmation). If you have some sort of Spam filter for unidentified mail, you can accept emails from to allow our Confirmation. This is an unattended email account, so do not send questions to it. I will start sending out Money Order confirmations today or tomorrow. By Monday, all purchasers SHOULD have a correct Confirmation for orders through Nov. 15th...if we have received payment.

UPDATE: We had a disk crash that had our little home-made database on (with the confirmation application). The orders are still recorded elsewhere (and we have the address corrections), but I have to download the information again and make corrections AGAIN. If you sent something by Paypal and the address was correct *OR* you have sent an address correction, you should be OK. The confirmations that did not make it out are:
* Orders made Nov 1st - 3rd (the ones that said unclaimed but are in fact here)
* Money Order purchases (I had just put those in when we lost the diskdrive).
* Address Corrections

AGAIN...we have all the order information, we just have to get it formatted again.

My priority will be Money Order Confirmations (since they have no way of confirming that we received their payments).

My only concern are folks that were relying on the confirmation to check the address (and have not sent me address corrections).

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November 09, 2006

Calendar Pre-Ordering Ends, Limited supply

You can still "Pre-order" your calendar(s) to end of day today (with Pre-order discount). Pre-ordering guarantees that you have calendars reserved for you (in other words, we are giving our print quantity to the printer!)

Starting tomorrow, we will have a limited number of calendars that will be available for public sale at the Regular price. So, if you would like a calendar, I would advise getting your order in soon!

We estimate shipping first week of December for all orders placed before Thanksgiving.

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November 01, 2006

Pre-Ordering Extended...

We are extending the Pre-ordering period on the calendar to approximately Nov. 5th (when our printer needs the final number). There are instructions on the order page if you need to send a money order instead of using Paypal. IMPORTANT: PLEASE CHECK THE SHIP ADDRESS BEFORE COMPLETING THE PAYPAL cannot change it once the order is submitted. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ORDERED, PLEASE GO BACK AND CHECK THAT YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS WAS CORRECT (should be on confirmation). We will NOT be responsible for incorrect addresses nor do we have the resources to confirm or manually change addresses. If you need to cancel the order, I think you can request a refund THROUGH Paypal. This would be preferable so that I am not searching and matching names.

Pre-ordered calendars are expected to ship at the end of November or beginning of December DIRECTLY from the printer.

Beyond Pre-Ordering: We will have SOME calendars available but they are first come - first serve and will ship later than the pre-ordered calendars. We encourage to get your orders in during the pre-order stage since it is the only way to ensure calendar(s) are reserved for you.

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October 26, 2006

2007 Calendar Preview (Draft)

The draft preview is ready....

RECENTLY ADDED: We've had several requests for an alternative method to Paypal. We will accept money orders via mail with our order form. But you must fill out the form by the end of Pre-ordering and have the money order to us by Nov. 10th. I ope that this is a viable option for those who need it! ;-)

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October 11, 2006

Calendar Update

Sorry, if I do not respond to calendar questions. Its a catch 22 with time so I am becoming a hermet in order to get the calendar done. It took several days to review the photos, pick our finalists and submit a list to our judges. Some of our votes are in...but at this time, I don't have all the votes in...or tallied. The photos are wonderful and it is near impossible to just pick a few for "feature spots"....

But lets get to the FAQ:
1 - If you have questions about the calendar, please ask on the Yahoo Group set up specifically for the calendar. This is also the "inside" scoop on what is going on with the calendar.
2 - Feature Winners - We should be announcing them soon along with the months they will be featured. There will be 1 or 2 photos per month that are "featured". However, every child submitted will be in the calendar IF they successfully were entered in the database. We've been contacting those with photo issues so they have a chance to send a replacement.
3 - Preview of the calendar WILL be available before Pre-Orderig ends.. I can't give you a date...but I may have to avoid questions in order to get it done!!! I will announce it AS SOON as I have it ready.
4 - The Calendar will feature nearly 400 children adopted from Guatemala.


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October 03, 2006

Calendar Pre-Ordering Delayed and listings

Due to the recent events, I have not been able to get the pre-ordering form on the site. We have hundreds of entries and are STILL trying to help folks who had trouble getting their photos uploaded. We have over 560 records that have to be reviewed, so it will take us a little while before we have judged photos for feature spots and get the design done.

Posted by Kelly at 08:46 AM

September 16, 2006

Sesame Street and Calendars

Sesame Street is still trying to fill the role of Marco for the 38th season. The talent coordinator is opening up the submissions to NON-TWINS. Since I know we have quite a few handsome boys living near New York, I am sure we can help them out!!!!! They are still looking for a baby around 10 months old.

I can't stress what a wonderful opportunity this will be for the lucky family. Please contact Carrie (Sesame Street Talent Coordinator) if you have any questions or would like to submit a photo. FOR MORE INFO:

Calendars - Keep those photos coming! We're going to have a spectacular calendar this year!!!! We love all the wonderful photos we have received so far.

Posted by Kelly at 08:12 AM

September 09, 2006

Calendar Photo Submission - Open

If you are interested in entering a photo for the 2007 Calendar, please see the instructions on

Our calendar is very unique. Instead of just 12 photos, we try to include at least one photo of each child submitted in the calendar. It fills each month with lots of happy faces. We also choose 1 or 2 "featured" photos which will be larger photos selected for each month. Here is a sample of the 2006 calendar.

The calendar months/dates are in English and Spanish. We also include Guatemalan holidays and some adoption related events.

Again this year, we expect to be expanding to a 12 x 12 size if the number of photos warrant the move (and historically, I expect it will). In any case, we try to take into consideration that the calendars become a nice keepsake for you and your family. Every photo is precious!!!

This year, we are using a database upload program to collect the photos. Please do NOT send me photos via email. If you have problems uploading photos, post it on the Yahoo group. I have a wonderful group of volunteers who may be able to help you get them loaded. This will free me up to actually design the calendar instead of chasing down emails or problems (I had over 700 photo emails within a 3 month time period last year and it took hours each just to handle questions!).

Pre-Orders will start October 1st. Keep in mind that these are orders taken PRIOR to printing. It is important that you get your order in during this period because we will keep very few calendars over the amount ordered.

Shipping: We were NOT happy with the problems we had with shipping last year. We suspect that the third party shipping company sat on the shipments for over a week (beyond the date they told us) before getting them out the door. There were also a number of reported lost shipments that we tried to replace quickly. However, we do not know when a shipment does not make it to PLEASE notify us if you do not receive your calendar within 5 days of announced shipping. Currently, our new printer will still be handling the shipping and luckily he is local (our previous printer has sadly liquidated and gone on to bigger and better things!)

Thats it for now....GET THOSE PHOTOS IN!!!!

Posted by Kelly at 06:24 AM

August 31, 2006

Calendar Upload Volunteers

We are finalizing the details for the 2007 Calendar. But I would like to get about 10 or so folks that are willing to try out our upload database before we go public. If you are interested, please email. me.

UPDATE: I am hoping that some volunteers will stay on and help others get their photos uploaded. I have also sent out some invitations to a new Yahoo Group, but I do not think they went out. So, please try to join the group via This will be for volunteers at first and possibly for photo submitters later. Please just note what you are volunteering for so I can weed out spammers.

Posted by Kelly at 07:41 PM

July 29, 2006

2007 Calendars - Time to take the photos

We are working to put together the requirements for photo submission for the 2007 Calendar. Last year, there were over 200 photos and we barely had room to squeeze them in. I have started requesting print quotes and I am considering some upgrades or alternates. If we forge ahead with the 2007 Calendar, we will probably upgrade the size to a 12 * 12 and it will be slightly more than last year (but I think it will be less than $20).

If you have some interest in a weekly appointment calendar or a daily calendar, please comment here.

Get your cameras is just a hint to what we are looking for in the 2007 Calendar (we reserve the right to change it)
* Total of 3 photos may be entered...
1 - Fall/Winter clothes
2 - Spring/Summer clothes
3 - Neutral season clothing (t-shirts or something that doesn't suggest a season)

GENERAL PHOTOS should be relatively closeup facial shots with enough space around the photo that we can crop background to fit into calendar.

FEATURE PHOTOS will be selected from the collection. To qualify, they must be high resolution, clear and no special effects nor odd sizing. Unlike the General photos, we like for these to tell a story. We welcome photos with siblings, parents, grandparents and friends. Other suggestions: color, artsy shots, funny expressions, hats and costumes, etc.

We cannot accept the following:
* photos from professional studios without their written permission
* photos you do not own
* photos of children whose adoption have not been finalized

Our official set of rules will be posted shortly. But for now...start snapping!

Are you a MySpacer? Read On....


I'm on MySpace now too....but if you are the first person to find me and send me a message through MySpace BEFORE MONDAY, I'll reserve you a free calendar :-) The namespace is probably pretty obvious :-)

If you have a MySpace account and would like me to check in with you, email your URL and I'll check in with you.

Please note: the free calendar is only offered if we actually do a 2007 calendar!

Posted by Kelly at 06:38 PM

December 16, 2005

Calendars Shipped

I believe that most of the calendars (ordered before Dec. 10th) shipped yesterday. Since they were shipped via priority mail, they should be on your doorstep shortly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you ordered a package (5, 10 or more), there was an error in the original shipment (1 calendar was shipped instead of the entire package). Be assured that the rest of the calendars were sent as soon as the problem was identified.

Posted by Kelly at 10:46 AM

December 13, 2005


The printer is working on getting the calendars shipped. Last I heard, they were working on getting everything packaged (and this is a rather large project). I am sorry I cannot answer all the emails about the calendars personally as it would take me all day. However, once I have confirmation that the printer has shipped them, I will post it here. FYI: There are twice as many calendars to ship this year!!!! But they should be on the way soon....

Posted by Kelly at 08:13 AM

December 04, 2005

Calendars and Misc...

I do not have an exact ETA on the calendar ship date yet, but it will be soon. Our printer is working very quickly to assemble the calendars and to prep them for shipping. I will let you know when they ship. You can still order calendars (while they last).

Christmas Shopping:
Every Christmas, I look forward to leisurely shopping....but the reality is that I can't get away from work (or calendar duties) long enough to get everything done until the last minute. So, for those who are having a tough time deciding what to get your loved ones....I comiserate! This year, I have added "Gift Ideas" page for those of you looking for the perfect gift. We also have some of our designs available on TShirts, Sweaters, children's items, mugs, etc. at CafePress!

Posted by Kelly at 04:39 PM

November 14, 2005

Draft Preview of 2006 Calendar

A draft preview of the calendar is available : CLICK HERE FOR CALENDAR PREVIEW.
There is also a list of children alphabetically by first name: CLICK HERE FOR NAME LIST.

The listed month is where the child's photo is located. If there is a 2 after the abbreviated month, then it means that they are on the second page of that month (or the calendar page).

At the end of the week (Friday), I will be sending the calendar to the printer. So please get your pre-orders in now.

Posted by Kelly at 09:37 AM

November 11, 2005

Calendar Preview, Preorders, etc....

First, I should apologize for not responding to some of emails asking about the calendars. I finally had to tune out the questions while I worked on the calendar, otherwise, I would not get it done. So, please just be patient with me while I get the design finished.

YES, a DRAFT preview will be available shortly (the next few days, I hope). I will also include a list of FIRST names and tracking numbers for each month.

YES, preordering will continue while I check the calendar for name misprints or other mistakes and make the final adjustments to the calendar. We will NOT remove any photos, though, I have to reserve the right to move them around. You should expect the pre-ordering to continue for a week once the DRAFT preview has been posted.

YES, we will also post a preview of the final calendar when it becomes available

YES, calendars will still be available AFTER pre-ordering. However, we will not be able to ship these calendars for a week - two weeks after the pre-ordered calendars have shipped.

Hopefully, I have addressed most of the questions. If not, don't hesitate to ask...but just keep in mind that I am really focused on getting it done so that you will have them in plenty of time before Christmas :-)

Posted by Kelly at 02:48 PM

October 26, 2005

Feature Photo Winners

I have to tell you that our judges had a really tough time this year judging photos. We had over 150 photos entered for the Feature contest and they were ABSOLUTELY wonderful photos. We could have picked almost any combination and we were assured of having beautiful calendar!!! There were so many pictures that we wanted to feature somehow, that I decided that we would add "Highlight" photos during the design phase. I cannot tell you which photos since we are limited on space and we are planning on representing every child submitted.

Our Feature winners are listed below (Congratulations!):
Abby & Erin (54) Arnold, MO
Alondra (221) San Jose, CA
Alyssa & Gabriella (425) St. Peters, MO
Annaliese (no tracking #) WI
Carmen (64) Pinson, AL
Colin (80) Philadelphia, PA
Daniel (197) Roscoe, IL
Ella (17) Carlsbad, CA
Isabella (97) Palm Bay, FL
Jacob (43) Nixa, MO
Joshua (635) Port Huron, MI
Karina (45) Palo Alto, CA
Lucas (405) Raleigh, NC
Migual & Larisa (31) Poteau, OK
Mya (511)
Thomas (342) NC
Zachary (119) St. Louis, MO

Editor Choice Award:
Gabriel (182) Columbia, SC

Posted by Kelly at 09:57 AM

October 24, 2005

2006 Calendar PRE-ORDERS

You can now "Pre-Order" your calendars. Please remember that they will not ship until mid - late November. All of these orders will be shipped DIRECTLY from Patriot Printers within a few days to a week after they are printed. If you are waiting for results from our Feature contest....never fear, we will have them posted in the next couple of days (with plenty of time to pre-order). Please see the Calendar page for more information about the calendars!!

Posted by Kelly at 01:10 PM

October 19, 2005


The bad news: The calendars will cost more this year than in past years due to a significant increase in the printing cost. I don't have a definite figure on the price because I don't have the quote from the printer.

The good news: The REASON it will cost more is because the calendar will be a bit larger (12 x 18 open) and the print quality will be even better. I am rather excited that each year we are able to improve upon the process!!!

I will announce the pre-ordering within the next 2 days when we have settled on a price and have tested our ordering page:-) At any time, you can check the Calendar 2006 page for the latest information about the calendar. When we start accepting Pre-orders, it will have directions on the top of the page.

We are in the process of judging and compiling all the general photos and will post the results as soon as we can. Please be patient with us....its a monumental task sorting through hundreds of photos!!

Posted by Kelly at 05:28 PM

October 12, 2005

Calendar 2006

Calendar Update:

The deadline has passed for Calendar photo submissions. However, to answer a number of questions:

YES, I will be updating the list of photos by tracking number. We have a LOT of wonderful, high quality photos this year and it is taking me a while to get them downloaded and compiled. I will have that on the site as soon as possible.

IF there is a problem with a submission, I will contact the submitter and request a new photo. In these cases, the deadline does not matter.

You can PRE-ORDER the calendar prior to printing. This is the ONLY way to ensure that you will have a calendar. I will order a percentage more than the pre-orders, but when they're gone, they're gone. I will hopefully have the ordering page on the site THIS weekend along with other announcements. (Agencies and organizations wishing to purchase multiple calendars should contact me through my form mail).

Posted by Kelly at 04:59 PM

October 02, 2005

Calendar 2006 Update

Only a few more days to get your submitted photos in. For those of you who have already submitted photos, a list of what has been successfully received is at the bottom of the Calendar Information Page.

Posted by Kelly at 11:52 AM

September 13, 2005

2006 Calendar Photo Submission

It is that time of year....PHOTO SUBMISSIONS for the 2006 GUATADOPT CALENDAR.

Get those digital cameras out and snap away!!! This year, we will have 1 - 2 feature photos and room for up to 12 General submission photos per month. The calendars are in Spanish and English and include Guatemalan holidays and several Spanish sayings.

To find out more, visit our Guatadopt Calendar Page.

To view a sample of last year's calendar, click here.

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December 17, 2004

Calendars are in the mail

The response for calendars was greater than we had anticipated and as a result, they took longer to print than expected. All calendars ordered before 12/8 have been shipped USPS Priority Mail. Usually this means they will take 2-3 days max to arrive, sometimes sooner, sometimes later (kind of like PGN and INS approvals).

We apologize for any incovenience the delay may have caused and appreciate everyone's understanding that Guatadopt and Focus on Adoption are not commerical ventures and have no salaried employees. In short, we did the best we could.

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December 10, 2004

Calendar Update

Sorry it has taken this long to send out an update but your humble Guatadopt dude just got back from Guatemala himself. A story on that shall come soon...

Calendars are probably hot on the printer's press today and will be shipping either this weekend or very early next week. They are shipping USPS Priority Mail so they should be on your doorstep next week.

Feliz Navidad,


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November 18, 2004

2005 Calendars - Ordering

OK, we are just about ready to take orders for the 2005 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions Calendar. I want to thank everyone who has contributed their wonderful photos to the calendar. I attemped to make sure that every photo was used in this calendar which was NOT easy. However, the result is a wonderfully colorful calendar!

This year, the calendar contains Guatemalan holidays, adoption/culture related events (at least the ones with set dates) and spanish phrases about children and family. I hope everyone will enjoy it.

FOA is also offering a free calendar with FOA membership!

You can view the list of children and where they appear on the calendar. There are approximately 120 pictures in just this single calendar, but all are large enough to enjoy!

A preview of the calendar (thumbnail view) is available HERE.

Please remember that the proceeds from calendar sales will go to Focus On Adoption. FOA is also giving away a calendar with membership enrollment!!

In order to make it possible for calendars to be delivered by Christmas, we are doing the first run in batch mode (around Dec. 10th). If you have your orders in by December 8th, they should be delivered before Christmas within the Continental US and Canada. We will have calendars available for ordering after December 8th, but we cannot commit to having these orders delivered by Christmas.

If you would like to place an order internationally, please contact us at so that we can locate an appropriate shipping method/rate.


Please note that a portion of your purchase will be tax deductible!!

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November 04, 2004

2005 Feature Photo Winners!

Thanks to the FOA Board and a designated tie-breaker, we have the winners of the 2005 Feature Photo Spots. This was beyond difficult. One judge offered to have a voluntary root-canal rather than pick only 12 pictures!!! The rest of the judges managed to spread their vote across the board. The tie-breaker finally decided to flip a coin! So, without further they are in no particular order (except they seemed to fit the month chosen):

Feature Photo Winners

1430 Carter (Marietta, GA)

1600 Daniela (North Atlanta, GA)

1422 Alexander (Floral Park, NY)

1412 Brooke (Morris, IL)

1298 Noah (Breaux Bridge, LA)


1600 Kahleah (Canada)

1513 Mateo (San Jose, CA)

1335 Zane (Pittsburgh, PA)

1410 Isabel (Bay Area)

1249 Andrea (St. Louis, MO)


1271 Danny

1545 Kaitlyn (Wildwood, MO)

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November 03, 2004

2005 Calendar

Yes, we are still working on the calendars. As usual, I am behind getting everything put together. There will be two announcements coming soon. In the next couple of days, I will post a list by tracking number of the winners of the feature photo contest and those pictures that will be included in the calendar.

We are also working on coordinating the production with the printer. I like to have the draft up on the site before families order (I figure most would like to have a clue as to how they will look :-)

The second announcement will be about the ordering process.

Thanks to all the parents who have submitted those wonderful pictures of your children. They are all so adorable!!!!

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October 06, 2004

Picture of the Week (& Calendar reminder)

This is our handsome PICTUREOF THE WEEK dude, Miguel who is 5.5 months. This is a face you just want to kiss all over!!! face10-04.gif

With that being said, I hope that all you parents with a camera remember to get your photos to us by OCTOBER 15th so they will have a chance to be in the calendar. For details, see 2005 Calendar Photo Contest participation!

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September 15, 2004

Photo Contest - 2005 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions

We are now accepting photo submissions for the 2005 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions.

This year, the calendar is being co-sponsored by Focus on Adoption and the proceeds will fund much needed adoption advocacy projects.

We are really excited about these calendars! We are adding many new features (such as Feature photos, Guatemalan holidays, adoption events and more).

For more information on submitting a photo, visit our 2005 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions Photo page.

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November 26, 2003


If you ordered calendars or any other Guatadopt designed product and the order was incorrect or flawed, you can contact the CAFEPRESS customer service. Here is their information:

Email CafePress Customer Service

Toll Free 1-877-809-1659
7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday (PST)

Have your order number handy. The store ID is Guatadopt.

Calendars can still be purchased HERE.

Christmas Ornaments and T-shirts are also available HERE.

Important: You *WILL* need to contact Cafepress for refunds, exchanges, etc. However, since I cannot monitor customer satisfaction, I would appreciate feedback on how they are doing (privately via email). My experience so far has been pretty good...but thats probably not enough.

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November 14, 2003


I am pleased to announce that the 2004 Monthly Calendars are ready to order!!!! The cost is $17 each.

First off, congratulations to Sierra of St. Louis who is featured as the Cover Gal and is in BOTH calendars.

I attempted to use *ALL* the pictures that were submitted. I apologize if anyone was left was definately unintentional. Here is a list of children that are featured in the calendar (first names only).

PARENTS: before ordering, please double check the calendar AND the page!
AGENCIES: These are great for your office (there are no references to agencies, just the children).
WAITING PARENTS: I did not forget about you...there is a special spot in December for you to insert your own picture!


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November 04, 2003

Calendar Delays

The bad news is that the calendar is NOT ready yet. The good news is that there were so many wonderful pictures, we will have two calendars. I am re-aiming my goal to November 10th. At that time, I will post a list of first names and which calendar they are featured. You will also be able to preview EACH page.

To AOL users - I have been having problems responding to questions. We recently changed IP addresses and I believe it was previously used for spamming and therefore, blocked by AOL. does NOT spam. I have informed my hosting company and hopefully they will resolve the issue with AOL.

Advertisements/Affiliates - Since I have had a few people VERY kindly offer to donate to the maintenance of this page (which is independent of ANY agency or organization), I thought I should mention the few means I do employ to raise funds for this site. You might have noticed the advertisements on the bottom right of this page. Yes, does get a very small referral fee from when someone purchases through one of the links. I use the funds to pay the hosting fee and software....which to date have been soley paid by me, myself and I. Anytime you use a link or buy a Guatadopt Store item, you ARE donating to the site! Moreover, your notes of appreciation have kept this site alive....and for that, I am VERY grateful!!!!!

Here are some of my affiliates and shops:

Baby Creepers, Bibs, Toddler Shirts, etc.
Long Sleeved Ts and Sweatshirts
Mugs and Steel Travel Mugs
Daycare bags, clocks, hats, tileboxes, mousepads
Calendar, Cards, Stickers


One Step Ahead


Free Shipping Limited Time Only

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October 19, 2003

Calendar update

Since I would like to respond to everyone, but time is limited...I thought I would address some items about the calendar here.

1 - Yes, I will announce when they will go on sale which should be sometime in early November.

2 - If you submitted a picture but did NOT get a confirmation, I probably don't have it. You can try to send it directly to with the answers to the questions in the form mail.

3 - If any picture you sent was less than 50kb, then I am asking you send a higher resolution picture...Questions? Contact me at the above email.

4 - If I don't email everyone about the status, then I will somehow display the calendar pages in full. I would rather be personal...but time may prevent me from contacting everyone.

Finally, thanks for all the wonderful pictures. This has been really fun seeing all the gorgeous, happy children!!!

UPDATE: I have not contacted parents about WHO is in the calendar yet. We have over 97 entries and I would like to use as many as possible....somehow. There will be 4 - 6 entries AT LEAST per month (as stated in the original post). This is my first attempt, so we are bound to hit a few kinks....soon, I promise!

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October 02, 2003

2004 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions Calendar

2004 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions Photo Contest

Update: I wanted to add a couple of things to this post...
1st - YES, you will be contacted about the picture you submitted and whether it will be included in the calendar. I will also be emailing you if there was something that we need to correct about the photo (too small, blurry, etc.) so you will have a chance to resubmit if there is a problem.
2nd - I will post when the calendars and everyone can order as many as they like.

Deadline for photo submittals is October 15th. There will be two calendars available November 1, 2003.

The 2004 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions Monthly Calendar will feature 4 - 6 children per month. It will cost $17
The 2004 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions Wall Calendar
will feature a collage of children. it will cost $5

If you would like your child to be featured in one of these Calendars, here's your chance. I'm sorry, but we must require that any children featured in the submitted photos are adopted from Guatemala and the adoption has been finalized. Winners will be featured in the calendar with their first name (or nickname)only, age, city, state and country.

Calendar proceeds will go to site maintenance and expansion. Here's how to enter:

1st - Find a special photo of your little darling fully clothed. Funny faces, Messy faces, Happy faces...whatever tugs those heart strings.
2nd - Make sure the photo is only of the featured child or children (if you have more than one child adopted from Guatemala).
3rd - Make sure the photo is clear and in color.
4th - Resample (if necessary) so the photo is under 150Kb.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Studio photos are usually copyrighted by the Studio. Please make sure that the picture you submit is not copyrighted (unless by you;-)

Click here to submit your photo. Posted by Kelly at 11:26 PM