March 08, 2003


Everybody wants your fingerprints:
1st - GA requires it for a GA background check (you will do two sets each). Most states will probably require this as well.
2nd - INS-600(the feds) will require another couple of sets....but they will set the appointment for you.

No, fingerprinting at your local police station are not accepted by INS.

Atlanta INS office is located on Peachtree near Clairmont. The office is first come first serve, but you must have the "appointment letter".

According to INS (as of 8/2002), it takes only 24 hours to get clearance.

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Whats involved in a Homestudy

{This information is based on OUR experience, we do not know what other agencies require}

Cost: Around $1000 by itself

1 - A 4 to 10 page Autobiography on you and your spouse (1 each). You are given an outline of what types of information that they want included.
2 - Two Recent photographs of you and your family
3 - Birth Certificates (certified copies - same as what is required for passport)
4 - Marriage Certificate (certified copy)
5 - Previous Divorce decrees (if applicable)
6 - Death certificate of deceased spouse (if applicable)
7 - Questionaire (why you want to adopt, etc.)
8 - Medical Report by physician for each person living in the house
9 - Children's birth certificates
10 - Letter from Medical Insurance Company stating that the child will have coverage.
11 - Criminal Record Check for each applicant (fingerprints taken and sent in)
12 - Two Letters of reference from non-relatives
13 - Two Letters of reference from an extended family member (1 from husbands and 1 from wifes)
14 - Employment letters (position, how long, salary, references, etc.)
15 - References from organizations that you worked with involving children (in the last five years)
16 - Financial data
17 - Tax Returns for the last two years
18 - Statements from financial institutions supporting info on financial data form.
19 - Copy of water and sewage bill as proof of service
20 - Verification of inoculation for any domestic pets
21 - Statement that any freestanding gas heaters are vented to avoid fire
22 - Statement regarding where and how firearms owned in the home are locked away from children (if applicable)
23 - Statement regarding swimming pool is fenced with locked gate to prevent unsupervised accedd and that it meets all applicable community ordinances. 9if applicable)
24 - Statement that smoke alarms are present and functioning on each level of the house.
25 - Verification of attendance of a newborn instruction course (if adopting newborn)
26 - Release and Request for Information form for a child protective services check.

The home study involves 3 visits. 2 at their office (including separate interviews), 1 at the home.

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