June 05, 2008

Site Problems

We've been experiencing some site problems that I have been cleaning up every other night. Unfortunately, I am not going to be available this weekend. There is a very REAL chance that the site will go down because of these errors or you may have some problems loading the site. This is what happened last weekend right before I discovered the Core dumps (very large error logs). Please understand that I will attend to it as soon as I can.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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May 15, 2008

Forum has been temporarily taken offline

Yes, the forum is offline right now.

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September 01, 2007

Commenting on Guatadopt

{I've moved this off the previous thread as I think it warrants its own post}
Your Guatadopt Hosts had a long discussion yesterday about anonymous posters and we we need to initiate a new policy. For various reasons that we need not defend, we will no longer approve comments where a valid e-mail address is not provided when you enter the comment. The e-mail addresses are NOT available to Guatadopt readers and we promise that we will not share them. But there are times when we need to e-mail posters and we can not do that if a valid e-mail address is not provided. For years we have run this site and have never been accused of a breach of confidentiality. If you are concerned about us having your normal e-mail address, just sign up for a free hotmail, yahoo, or g mail account and use a separate address for your Guatadopt posts. When posting a comment, you can put whatever you like in as a name (which is all that readers can see), it is only having an accurate e-mail address that we care about. If we email you and you do not respond, the post will be held (not published) or removed. Sorry for any inconvenience but it is something we feel strongly about based on a few recent attempts to reach commenters who did not use accurate e-mail addresses.

We have not been able to post several items because private or unsubstantiated information was being announced as "fact", information that we feel is private to particular adoptive families was included or their was another issue that we wanted to give the poster an opportunity to correct. I hope that all who have been involved in the passionate exchanges on our site see that we give all sides a chance to express opinions without fear of attack from our staff. We strive to protect the privacy of all posters on our site no matter their stance on adoptions. As we have very passionate arguments, we also ask that everyone keep a respectful tone and not attack someone's character (attacking their ideas is fine :-) Debate can be very educational and healthy but please take a breath before responding with anger.

Finally, we reserve the right to update our policy as we see fit which you can view by clicking on the question mark next to the comment link. Policy changes are intended to maintain the integrity of our site and our mission.

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July 13, 2006


Hi folks -

Our readership has grown significantly which also means that the number of comments have grown as well. I am sure that I am not doing as good of a job moderating (some posts may have slipped by), but would like to add some new groundrules when posting (I'll try to add these to the site in an obvious place as well).

Since comments are PUBLIC to everyone (no membership required), I would ask that you not mention your agency name. We have been threatened by lawsuites in the past and I would rather not have the site down for 6 months while we fight them! I will be happy to answer questions about this via private email. You are welcome to post good and bad experiences without mention of the name.....I am trying to figure out a better way for folks to communicate their recommendations or warnings to other readers on the site, but I haven't worked it out yet. Posting email address also puts you in a position to get royally spammed so be cautious before you do that. This site is crawled several times a day and many of them are happy to sell to spammers. I can't stop it, but I can at least warn our readers.

If I've missed a comment that you are concerned about, please email me.

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July 11, 2006

Items of Interest Moving Around on our Site

Hopefully, everyone has been able to navigate the new site setup OK. I have made some of the transition very gradual so we don't completely confuse you. But I did want to introduce you to some features and discuss some upcoming changes. Please take a little time to read it as it affects ALL our readers.

FYI: There will be times you will see a new menu item appear, but nothing behind it immediately. While I would love to be the perfect web-gal, its just sometimes a little easier to make a group of changes before we have those sections ready to display.

FEATURES - Writers Corner
We're moving into an online newspaper-like format. So, we are introducing several new features which have recently been added under Writers Corner on the top horizontal menu bar. We're slowly getting these rolling since our writers have had summer vacations and very busy work schedules....These include:
Abuelita's View - This is my own mother's view and stories on the life of being an extended adoptive family. Probably 95% of why this site exists is due to her influence, so I think many of you will enjoy what she has to say.
Gallery - I am still working on the format, but we're planning on sharing some photos of Guatemala, of the children, etc. We had attempted to do a photo of the week before...but it was put on the backburner when the dedicated email for it simply hosed up. Somehow, I would like to have a place where we can show off our precious or funny photos with others!
GuateMama - This is our parenting feature hosted by Gloria who has had some wonderful advice for almost every aspect of adopting.
Kevin's Corner - or as Kevin puts it..."Kevin's Radical Rant" is where Kevin talks about his own views on everything from tofu to his thoeries on political relativity but all somehow related to his adoption experience.
Second Time Around - Is a public journal following Troy through his second adoption. Troy had a crash course in Adoption 101...201..301, etc...which is explained in his intro. He is also one of our roving researchers and reporters.

More Features to Come...
We're also working to add some more feature sections for post adoption information and health. But I'll wait and surprise you with the details when we're ready to roll. We'll actually be changing the intro page to show the latest entries in all our Features while keeping our mainblog as our NEWS section. Don't worry, I don't think any of you will have a problem figuring out how to navigate it!

Just as it says, this is where we are storing our Resource information. But one of our neatest additions is under the Resource Center Documents (Guatadopt Resources) which is a storage mechanism we are using to store more static information. What is so nice (from the webmaster perspective) is that I simply add the document in the appropriate directory and viola!...it appears in our Resource Center.

Most importantly, I hope that you will navigate the site and look for new additions! If you find something that you particularly liked or found useful, please let us know!

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June 15, 2006

Site Changes

Tomorrow (JUNE 15TH), the site may be down for a time and then it will look quite a bit different!! I am hoping that our readers like our new site even better. Our goal was to get it organized better for easy access while adding cool new features, writers and articles. Please understand that there will be some incomplete links and some hiccups in the beginning and I'll get them straightened out as quickly as possible. Long term, I have a lot of stuff to reorganize I am still working on some site enhancements.

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