June 03, 2004

Timeline Poll

I am asking parents that have ALREADY completed their adoption to participate in a timeline poll for us. This is for parents that started their adoptions after January 2002 (I recently backed this up from 2003).

Before you begin: You may notice that some of the questions may seem subjective. For our purposes, this is useful to guage expectations vs. process. This poll is public, so keep in mind that your answers and comments are available to all our readers.


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August 12, 2003

New Polls

We are taking a poll on several issues.
1. Families in Process - Please have one person from each adopting family take the poll. This poll has several purposes.
a. To compile statistics on people that have a referral.
b. To create a list of families to be included on the DOS *list*.
c. To use certain statistics for the action groups.

We are very concerned with the privacy of those taking this poll. The information with names and emails will not be published or distributed to any individual or agency. The list of names and basic information (if provided) will only be seen by Maura and myself (Kelly) in order to compile relevant information for DOS. If we see a reason to use your name for any other purpose we will contact you via the email provided and ask permission. Emails will not be used or distributed to ANYBODY outside of Guatadopt.com (they are optional). Because of the privacy issue, we can not publish the results of the poll in real time. Therefore, we will manually provide statistics from the poll every few days.

FOA and ADA have permission to use the line-item results of the poll (without names or children's names).

2. Familes waiting for a referral - one person from each adopting family only, please. The same conditions as #1 apply...see above.

3.Agency Satisfaction poll - This poll will be kept strictly confidential as well. I originally stated that we will only post top rated agencies...but I think that statement is inaccurate. IF I post any results from the poll, they will be VERY generic. For agencies: I want to provide general areas of concern (but not by agency). For families, I have found that the information gives me insight to the readers. With the stress level being so high, raw results from the poll will probably be helpful to no one.

*** Please note: You may type "anonymous" in the name field (especially, the agency satisfaction poll). However, the *credibility* of these entries are severely limited and will be considered suspect. Your name and email lends credibility and will never be released publically.

The poll requires all questions to be answered. If you cannot answer N/A, please cancel out and contact me at listadmin@guatadopt.com

Anytime that you read about conditions on ANY site, you should print them out and date them. This protects you as well as the site that has posted. I will ask that anyone taking this poll PRINT this entire message for your records.

Again, we are committed to making sure that everyone's information stays private and that we focus ONLY on issues that we can address.

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June 04, 2003

Visitor Poll

If you have a moment, please take our very short visitor poll. It helps us decide what should be on this site...

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