August 11, 2006

Back To School....

This weekend, I will be racing around getting the last bit of school supplies for my daughter who is entering Pre-K 4! Wow, she is growing up so fast. In addition, I think of all the little things that I need to print off for my child's new teacher and/or the school's files (which can apply to daycare, as well).

1 - Mongolian Spots Article. Unfortunately, there HAVE been cases where DFACS was called because a teacher mistook Mongolian Spots as bad bruising. Its best to have information about Mongolian spots in your child's file as well as discussing with any new teachers. Also, make sure you have your doctor make a note in your child's file. While misunderstandings are easily corrected....a misunderstanding can be traumatizing to you and your child.

2. Teachers' Resources on Adoption. I will steal this from the recent discussion on the BigList, but here are some articles that are extremely helpful:

Adoptive Families Magazine Article: Adoption and School
Teachers Guide to Adoption
Professional Education Report

If there is something you would like to mention, PLEASE make other suggestions. I anticipate that we will keep growing this particular post as more parents share their experiences.

Posted by Kelly at 12:28 PM

July 06, 2006

The Importance of Post Placements...

Most prospective adoptive parents are overwhelmed at the invasion of pricacy for their adoption. But as we progress through the process, we often have a change of heart. As a parent of a child from Guatemala, I am naturally concerned with the adoptions staying open NOT for other families but for the other CHILDREN. It is our obligation as a virtual community to make sure that Guatemalan officials feel comfortable with WHO is adopting their children.

Kazakhstan has recently started pressing for post placement reports extending to the AGE OF 18!!!! My first response was "You have GOT to be joking!!!!" But then my friend who adopted her daughter from Kazakhstan clarified...the first 3 years require a social worker, but the rest only require filling out a form or questionaire and mailing it with pictures. But will enough parents comply to satisfy the government and will those who feel its intrusive think twice if the country closes adoptions because of lack of participation?

Many of the agencies are now requiring post placements for the Guatemalan program even though it is not a *country* requirement.....YET. But would OUR community reject the idea of filling out a yearly form and sending pictures in order to keep adoptions open? Is it an intrusion or a chance for us to brag about our children?

Each year, puts out a calendar. Last year, the calendar contained over 200 photos of children. With the help of several individuals, we send a bunch of these calendars down to Guatemala to distribute to social workers, PGN, the Court of Minors, etc. We've also voluntarily asked for biographies with photos for the same show off our children. The response has been wonderful. In this day and age, there are still those who are genuinely surprised to see the smilies of our children. Of course it makes sense!!!! If you can imagine a family member going to school in another country and every few months getting an email from the school saying all is well....then compare that to the family member sending you a photo and a personal email. Well, you get the idea.

If you are considering an agency that is requiring post placements vs. one who does not (keep in mind that some states require post placements regardless)....I hope that you rethink WHY this may be an agency requirement.

I hope everyone will reconsider the importance of post placements and why continued contact with our child's birth country may help to keep options open for other children in the future!!

Posted by Kelly at 10:20 AM