April 09, 2007

Reaching Arms International - MN DHS Findings

Guatadopt has obtained the Minnnesota Department of Human Services investigation report on RAI. We received DHS's permission to post it publically since it is a public document.

The first document is the actual revocation notice. The second memo goes into more detail about what they found and how those affiliated with RAI responded when interviewed.

Reaching Arms has until today to decide if they will appeal. Even if they do appeal, they are not allowed to give out new referals during the appeal process which makes me wonder why they still have waiting children listed on their website. We will keep everyone informed as this develops.

Download file

Download file

Update Monday late afternoon 4/9/07: Reaching Arms International did appeal so they are allowed to continue on "workin" their current cases but still CAN NOT take on new clients.

Click here to read a story on this from the Minneapolis StarTribune.

Posted by Kevin at 11:03 AM

April 02, 2007

Reaching Arms Int'l License Revoked

Guatadopt has just learned that The Minnesota Department of Human Services is revoking the license of Reaching Arms International. According to what we have learned, the letter of revocation also prevents Reaching Arms from offering new referals should they attempt to appeal the decision.

It is our understanding that under MN law, Reaching Arms was legally required to have a backup agency to take over their cases. As soon as we have more info on how that works we will post it.

Some day we will be at liberty to post all we know about the goings-on of this agency. For the time being, I'll just say kudos to the MN DHS and that it's about time RAI was stopped!

Posted by Kevin at 12:41 PM

February 09, 2007

Press Release Regarding Reaching Arms

A Press Release regarding the complaints and investigation of Reaching Arms International has been issued by the Minnesota Attorney General's Office. Guatadopt did ask the famiies mentioned in it (that we have contact with) for their approval before posting this.

While it is a matter of public record, we realize that posting it on this site brings it to the attention of people interested in Guatemalan adoptions. As always, and as may beome more crucial in the days or hours to come, Guatadopt is dedicated to serving the needs of adoptive families with accurate information, regardless of where the chips may fall. However, we are also EXTREMELY careful to respect the rights and privacy of families who have been victimized by alleged unethical providers. At times those goals create a challenge, but we do our best to stand by what we believe is best.

Click here to read the release.

Posted by Kevin at 09:46 AM