December 08, 2006

Featuring your Auction Items on Ebay

We know that many of our community buy and sell items via Ebay. Besides the fact that Ebay is a great place to find new or lightly used items for gifts, baby clothes, children's items and unique items from Guatemala; it is also a way to raise money for adoption expense, charities or advocacy.

So, we have added an area to our site which *feature* these auction sales for our readers. This can be accessed from our mainpage (left column which says Guat Auction) Feature items include:
* GUATADOPT FEATURE (charities and such)

If you would like to have your items featured, please contact me for information on how to do this. There is no charge (except the usual fee structure via Ebay).

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November 04, 2003

Calendar Delays

The bad news is that the calendar is NOT ready yet. The good news is that there were so many wonderful pictures, we will have two calendars. I am re-aiming my goal to November 10th. At that time, I will post a list of first names and which calendar they are featured. You will also be able to preview EACH page.

To AOL users - I have been having problems responding to questions. We recently changed IP addresses and I believe it was previously used for spamming and therefore, blocked by AOL. does NOT spam. I have informed my hosting company and hopefully they will resolve the issue with AOL.

Advertisements/Affiliates - Since I have had a few people VERY kindly offer to donate to the maintenance of this page (which is independent of ANY agency or organization), I thought I should mention the few means I do employ to raise funds for this site. You might have noticed the advertisements on the bottom right of this page. Yes, does get a very small referral fee from when someone purchases through one of the links. I use the funds to pay the hosting fee and software....which to date have been soley paid by me, myself and I. Anytime you use a link or buy a Guatadopt Store item, you ARE donating to the site! Moreover, your notes of appreciation have kept this site alive....and for that, I am VERY grateful!!!!!

Here are some of my affiliates and shops:

Baby Creepers, Bibs, Toddler Shirts, etc.
Long Sleeved Ts and Sweatshirts
Mugs and Steel Travel Mugs
Daycare bags, clocks, hats, tileboxes, mousepads
Calendar, Cards, Stickers


One Step Ahead


Free Shipping Limited Time Only

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October 26, 2003

Travel Helpers

I tell anyone that asks....traveling with a baby is stressful (especially, if you are a new parent). While we historically put up with a little hassle to save a few dollars, NOW (as parents) we spend those dollars to avoid as much hassle as possible! To plan your travel adventure, do a quick excercise. Imagine yourself VERY stressed out and loaded down with heavy luggage and a new, how much would you pay someone to lift a burden? You may surprise yourself....I found $100 each was well worth getting a direct flight. I found that there were other little areas that I could ease our journey (I also have an article with travel tips that might help you out). In addition, here are some items that you might be interested in....(CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO TAKE YOU TO THE PRODUCT INFO).


Sit 'n Stroll
We have traveled with our daughter three separate times. Two of those times, we had to haul around a carrier or carseat as well as the stroller. Honestly, I would have bought this handy combo stroller/carseat in a pinch...for you cannot travel *light* with a baby/toddler and reducing the hassle factor (and the trunk room) would be pretty nice!!! I admit, I have not purchased one yet so I can not attest to the durability.


Tote 'n Stroll
Here is another option for children that are over 25 pounds. I am not sure how a young toddler would do with this, but it definately has its advantages.

Baby 'b Air
During all my trips, I was nervous about hitting turbulence...but with a baby on my lap, I was downright paranoid. This seatbelt is made to handle such a situation.

Snug Tub Blow up Tub
This blow up tub is perfect for travel (for babies sitting up to 2 year olds). Deflated, it fits nicely in your luggage....but at the hotel, it is a wonderful helper!

Table Toppers

Disposable table toppers that STICK on! These are wonderful for taking babies out to a restaurant.

Again, see my TRAVEL TIPS...

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May 14, 2003

Updated Shop

We are constantly updating our CAFEPRESS SHOP - GUATADOPT with new designs. CLICK HERE to check them out!

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May 06, 2003

A Special Mother's Day

I found some wonderful ideas for Mother's Day....or even just a wonderful adoption gift for mom: Mom and Baby Cameo Mom and Baby Cameo 2 Heart Locket Double Heart Ring

Also, check out our store for other gifts...GuatAdopt Store

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