March 08, 2003

INS Contact Info - GA

INS instructs that you wait 60 days after fingerprinting before inquiring about the status of I600A forms. But how do you know that your file is complete?

You can call the ATLANTA office between 2PM and 4PM to inquire about the status. The number is (404) 331-1031 according to the website. However, the recording says that they close at 3PM.

Status: You can call about status of your case using the customer service number which is 1 800 375 5283 (ask for an officer).

Posted by Kelly at 11:45 AM

Georgia Notary requirements

If you are in Georgia, notarized documents must be authenticated by the county before being certified by the Secretary of State.

Usually, the fee is around $2 or $2.50 for a letter authenticating your notary. You can mail in your forms to the county OR you can visit the courthouse.

To find out where/who/cost you can check out the GSCCCA site.

Posted by Kelly at 11:33 AM