The "BIGLIST" is a popular listserv for adoptive parents and adoption professionals. Please note: It is NOT owned/moderated by Guatadopt.com. We provide these instructions only as a courtesy to list members and prospective list members. We have no association with the list other than we think it is a good source of information for those interested in Guatemalan adoptions.

Directions for joining the "BIGLIST" ListServ

It is very simple...be sure you do two things:
1. If your emails normally have a 'signature' at the bottom...take that off.
2. Send an email to the following address:


Put in whatever subject line you want, it doesn't matter

In the body of the email type just one single line:

subscribe guatemala-adopt jane doe

(please substitute your first name and last name in place of Jane Doe)

Hit send and that is it. You should be approved within a day and you will start to receive a LOT of emails from this list. Up to 50 + per day sometimes.

The directions from their page are listed below...

Write a message to listserv@listserv.icors.org. Use any
Subject you like. Be sure to turn off any signature you
normally use. In the body of the message include the single

subscribe guatemala-adopt firstname lastname

(replace "firstname lastname" above with your real first and
last names). You must supply your real first and last names;
the list does not accept subscriptions with missing, partial, or
made-up names.

Your subscription request will be sent to the list managers for
approval. Approval is generally routine and usually takes from
a few hours to a day.

When your subscription is activated you will receive a couple of
welcome messages explaining how the list works and covering our
policies and procedures, which you agree to follow by joining
the list. Be sure to read them carefully

If you find the list is generating too many messages consider
switching to digest mode, in which you get one email per day
with all the day's messages included in it. To do so (after you
have joined and received the welcome messages), send a message
as described above to listserv@listserv.icors.org, without a
signature, containing the single line:

set guatemala-adopt digest

If you have trouble with any of this send email to:


and one of the list managers will help you.

To unsubscribe from the Big List: