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Not all foster chidrlen are adoptable. The primary purpose of a foster home is to provide temporary care for a child when it is not possible for them to be with their primary family. The main goal is always family preservation. Before a child can even be made adoptable, the Child Welfare agency must petition the courts to remove parental rights from the birth parents and make the child a permanent ward of the state. In order to do this, there must be just cause. Often these parents will have abused the chidrlen either directly or indirectly (by using drugs or alcohol during pregnancy). The likelihood of your foster child having extreme emotional baggage is high, not to mention that doing substances such as drugs and alcohol while pregnant damages the central nervous system creating organic brain damage which can lead to things such as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.You should also be aware that once parental rights are removed, that doesn't mean that the parents are out of the picture. They have the right to petition the courts to have their parental rights reinstated if they are able to get themselves in such a place that the courts believe they would no longer be a danger to their chidrlen. They may also STILL be entitled to parental visits with or without their rights intact. If reunification with birth parents is not possible, the agency must use the following pecking order to find a suitable home:1. Extended Family2. Community/Band (especially with Ethnic chidrlen)3. Foster Home4. General PublicYou should also note that in cases where the child is a different race than the foster parents, some agencies will not allow adoptions.Edit: To the person below. I am Canadian, and in Canada the Native agencies were given provision over their adoptions and with such rights, comes the right to deny adoptions to non-native families. It's a sad fact around here because so many chidrlen are growing up in foster homes that would love to adopt them, but because of their race, they have been told they can't.

Comment by Wendy at March 31, 2014 08:23 AM

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