2009 Guatadopt.com 12 x 12 Calendar
Celebration of our Children from Guatemala
STOP AND READ: It is very important that you read the requirements below. If you do not take the time to follow directions, you probably will not see your photos in the calendar.
We have a user group on YAHOO to answer any questions you have or discuss the calendar: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GuatCal

Purpose of the Calendar: As the title suggests, we are celebrating our children. These calendars are distributed all over the US and Guatemala. Each year, Guatadopt collects hundreds of photos for our calendar and each year our calendar gets a little bigger to accomodate the entries. To see the 2007 calendar, CLICK HERE.  To see the 2008 calendar, CLICK HERE.

LIMITATIONS: While we can not promise that every child will be included in the calendar, we do everything in our power to include them. However, your involvement is necessary. In the past, we have been sad to see that photos were left out when the photo never made it to us...or because of a corrupted photo. If you do not receive a confirmation, please use the Yahoo group to ask for assistance. We have a few volunteers who are helping with various aspects of the project. 


PRE-ORDERS: Pre-Ordering is scheduled through Nov. 1st. This year, you must pre-order a calendar to receive one. 

SHIPPING: UPS will be used for the initial shipment (we will NOT be using any other carriers...as we were not satisfied with last year's shipment)


1. Locate 2 photos you would like to submit. One for cool weather and one for warm weather. 

2. RENAME THE PHOTO: ChildsFirstName_ChildsLastName_C.jpg for cold weather and ChildsFirstName_ChildsLastName_W.jpg for warm weather.  For example:

Julia_Smith_W.jpg    This would be the Warm Weather photo
Julia_Smith_C.jpg     This would be the Cool Weather photo

3. Resize photos to be between about 500 and 1024 ultimately.
We can take photos up to 3MB, but your email system may not work well with such large photos.
4. Go to Submit Form
5. One you submit, do NOT close window until you see a confirmation screen.

STATUS: We will try and periodically provide a summary so that you may check photo submissions. This will only be available on the Calendar Forum.


  1. The child(ren) or teen(s) has/have been adopted from Guatemala and the adoption(s) have been finalized in Guatemala.
  2. You may submit up to 3 photos per child ( 1 in Winter/Fall clothing, 1 in Summer/Spring clothing and 1 in neutral dress). If you have 2 or more children from Guatemala, we encourage photos of the children together. If you decide to submit just one, please make it a neutral clothing photo.
  3. The submitter must have custody of the child or be able to obtain and provide written permission from the parent if requested.
  4. Rectangular shaped photos only. Please do not use digital frames or effects that change the edging.
  5. Color photos only. Please refrain from unusual digital effects (mild enhancements are OK as long as the photo looks normal).
  6. Pictures should be proportional to standard photo size and print without space or distortion on an 8 x 10.
  7. Each picture should have *space* around the main subject so that if lightly cropped, it will not affect the picture's content. Please do not crop photos to odd sizes.
  8. Minimum size for ANY photo is 75kb in size.
  9. Picture considered for the Feature spots must have excellent resolution (printing an 8 x 10 should be perfect and about 350kb or more in size. All photos meeting this criteria will be considered for the Feature spot.
  10. Picture should be perfectly clear.
  11. If you submit an artistic photo where the child is looking away, make sure that you also submit one that is looking straight ahead (these are more appropriate for General submissions).
  12. Position of child. For general submission photos, it is better if the child is not in an odd position like laying down, upside down or angled.
  13. Pictures must be in a JPG format.
  14. Due to time constraints, we cannot accept mailed or emailed photos. Please refer to our Yahoo Group if you are having trouble.
  15. We cannot accept photos taken by a professional lab due to copyright issues.
TYPES OF PHOTOS: We love photos of your child with family members, grandparents, friends, etc. We encourage smiling, funny or amusing photos. We also ask that children be fully clothed and that you can clearly see their faces. FACE SHOTS ARE USUALLY BEST!!!! Generally, pictures should reflect the spirit of adoption and family. Photos which the child is not clearly visible can only be considered for the Feature spots. As always we encourage:
  • Creative use of light and color
  • Candid, non posed
  • Happy, laughing pictures
  • Interesting settings (beach, Antigua, mountains, sunsets, etc.)
  • Unique props (big hats, grown up clothes, streamers, etc.)
  • Avoid typical shots (birthday cake faces, Spaghetti shots, etc.)

Photos will be resized , sizing of other photos are based on artistic fit.  

COPYRIGHT PHOTOS: ** Please note that most professional studios own the copy right on photos.  By default, we will not accept studio photos.  However, if you are the photographer, please make a note in the comments.

Your family's privacy is very important to us. Guatadopt.com will not share any personal information with any other organization or individual. The following information will not be published on the calendar nor displayed in the database (except to you and the Guatadopt team)

  1. Your Name (required for entry)
  2. Child's First Name (required for entry)
  3. Email Address (required for tracking and notification)
  4. Phone Number (optional form of contact)

The following information MAY be published publicly:

  1. Child's First Name
  2. Submitted Photo
  3. City and State (optional)

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: YOu agree that by uploading a photo...

you are giving Guatadopt.com, permission to publish the photo in the 2009 Celebration of Guatemalan Adoptions Calendar. You understand that submission of a picture does not guarantee a place in the calendar and that no payments will be made for the use of the submitted photo. You certify that the photos you are submitting are your personal property and have never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted, that you are the sole copyright owner. You also certify that the child in the submitted photo was adopted from Guatemala and that finalized the adoption of the child in this photo.

You hereby waive, release, discharge Guatadopt.com, and its directors, sponsors, representatives, and any employees and agents from any claims resulting from your child's participation in any publications.