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Of the many natural disasters that we have seen in 2005, one country has suffered two disasters. First Hurricane Stan brought flooding and mudslides to Guatemala killing thousands and rendering hundreds of thousands homeless. If that wasn't enough, Guatemala suffered the disaster of inattention. While Katrina, Rita, the Earthquake in Pakistan and Wilma dominated the news, there was little room on the front page of newspapers or for nightly news to cover the continuing disaster in Guatemala. What news there is, is not good. While the country mourns the loss of thousands, the crisis of hunger is looming for thousands more. is particularly concerned with the children that have been affected by the mudslides. Those who lost their family have been placed in already strapped private orphanages. Others are living with relatives who have no resources to take care of them.  The NGOs that offered aid for relief efforts stopped at the door of the orphanages or at handling immediate needs.  Imagine a child who does not understand Spanish, who still thinks that his/her parents will come for him and/or who no longer has the culture of his/her village. It is difficult to hear about the trauma that these children have experienced and it is heartbreaking to hear their stories.

Shortly after we heard about the destruction caused by Hurricane Stan, we decided that 50% of the profit from the calendar would go to help these children and their families. Calendar purchases are not tax deductible as is not a 501c3 charity. However, donations to PROJECT RECOVERY through The Johnson Foundation are tax deductible.

Our goal is to provide assistance to the children orphaned, injured or displaced by Hurricane Stan which may include:

  • Immediate and ongoing medical aide
  • Provision for food and shelter
  • Psychological services
  • Educational
  • Family Assistance
  • Or meeting other needs which have been identified

We have designed a full color 4 x 6 weekly calendar with 60 selected pictures from our wall calendar for contributions of $25 US or more.  Because of delays with our wall calendar, these will not ship until January.  These calendars will be 12 months from the approximate date they are sent to contributors. If we receive a donation in February, then the calendar will start in March. Please note that this is a gift with your donation and we cannot guarantee immediate delivery of the gift calendar.