February 26, 2006

February 15ths relief visit to the village

On the 15th of February, Carlos and his team visited Panimache once again with food supplies and blankets for 108 families and school supplies for 150 children. In a wierd twist of fate, the truck broke down in the same spot his family was robbed before. But with the help of some police officers, they finally made it! Thanks to everyone who have kept Carlos, his team and the people of Panimache in their thoughts and prayers.

In early March, a team of doctors, dentists and medical personnel from Hands of Hope will be accompanying them to Panimache.

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February 10, 2006

Another relief run

This month, Carlos and his team are taking 500 blankets, schools supplies and food to the mud slide victims in Panimanche 5 and Panimanche 3.

While the immediate climate in Guatemala City and Antigua does not make us Northern Americans think about the need of blankets, they are welcome relief to these areas. Mud floors can be rather cold and the blankets afford some relief to those who must sleep on them. Furthermore, Guatemala can get quite chilly especially in some of the higher elevations.

Lets also keep our prayers with Carlos and his team. Its one thing to gather these materials, its quite another to brave the backroads to deliver them...risking encounters with highway robbers.

December 18, 2005

December Update 1

Project Recovery is excited to be sending their first donation to a mission who has been serving two indiginous communities in a very hard hit area, Panimanche. Not only did the mudslide destroy their villages, but it destroyed how they made a living and fed their families. The immediate needs of the mission have been to supply blankets, food and medical attention. But Carlos has stated that he would like to distribute school supplies so the children may start attending school in January. Please spread the word, so that we can continue to support this worthy mission!
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