Rules and regulations of gambling in Kenya


Most of the people who are gambling around the world are doing it for time pass and because of the evolving technology; online gambling has reached people like never in history. Of course, you can win money from gambling but to make it possible you should be aware of those gambling strategies. In case, you are not aware of it the scene will be opposite you will be binding up with losing your money in the gambling. But before start gambling you should get to know whether they are legal in your place, if you are there in Kenya you should get to know whether gambling legal in Kenya.

Gambling in Kenya

Like most of the country, gambling is legal in Kenya but there are certain restrictions there if you want to gamble. This is one of the countries which legalized gambling so earlier. The people in Kenya also show great interest in gambling online and to protect them from getting cheated and to establish safe gambling some of the rules and regulations are followed strictly. In that case, if you are gambling in Kenya you have to follow those rules and regulations at the same time you have to ensure whether the online gambling site in which you are gambling has licensed by the government.

In 2020, the Kenya government announced some of the new rules and regulations under the act of gambling and according to it still the gambling remains legal. At the same time, the betting tax or betting winning tax is not changed. Tax on gambling winning is up to 20 percent and the advertisement tax for gambling is 35 percent when you are gambling you should get to know all of these things.

gambling legal

The government of Kenya bans social media gambling advertisements before 6 am and after 10 pm that is to control gambling activities. You cannot see the foreign gambling sites in Kenya and slot machines, in that case, you can only able to gamble via the Kenyan gambling sites. This is the reason why the Kenyan government’s gambling revenue is raising at the same time the Kenyan government also taking the earlier efforts to control the excessive gambling inside the country by explaining the negative effects to the gamblers.

So if you are in Kenya and think of gambling then you have to go through the gambling regulation in Kenya, which is followed, so do it at first then think about gambling.