Overview of gambling in Nigeria

regulations of gambling

Almost all the countries around the world have legalized gambling but still, few countries are not allowing their people to gamble inside their country. Nigeria is one of those countries which legalized gambling and it was controlled by the national regulatory commission. Gambling in Nigeria includes the lottery, slot machines, sports betting, and other casino games. In this case, when you have an idea about gamble in Nigeria you have to get to know an overview of gambling in Nigeria so that you can gamble accordingly.

Gambling in Nigeria

Gambling in Nigeria is so common and it was legalized in an earlier period itself. The Nigerian government announced a certain percentage of taxes on gambling and there are some rules and regulations to be followed by both gamblers and gambling operators when it was not followed they may take some of the legal actions against you.

There are several forms of gambling in Nigeria like lottery tickets, sports betting, slot machines, and some more. But still, there are some illegal forms of betting in Nigeria like football betting. The Nigerian peoples are considering gambling as their recreational activity, around 36 percent of the adult are taking part in gambling and among them, and half of them are daily gamblers. The Nigerian people are not taking the problems of gambling as big things. Because of this, gambling can become one of the biggest problems in the future. There are not proper researches on problem gambling in Nigeria this may affect the peoples of the Nigerian in coming days.

Rules and regulations of gambling in Nigeria

Gambling in Nigeria is regulated by the national regulatory commission and they have legalized gambling in the year 2005. Even though it was legalized the roulette, card games and dice games are considered to be illegal gambling options. So if you gamble on any of those illegal gambling games inside the country the government can file a complaint against you.


Like any other country minimum age for gambling online and offline is 18, the person below 18 is strictly not allowed to gamble. But there are no specific rules and laws to regulate those online gambling sites which pave the way for arise of so many unlicensed gambling sites.

With the help of this article you can get an idea about the overview of gambling in Nigeria by this you can get an idea about the rules and regulations followed in Nigeria for gambling.